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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Saleh1942, Jun 8, 2018.

  1. Dear Friends
    Can anybody tellme how long does it take to get the nomination frm SINP.
    my current status is IN PROCESS over a month now...no communication or further updates frm them yet.....what will happen now????
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  2. Max six months, I got mine in five months. You will mostly not see/hear anything other than "in process" after the first month. A couple of weeks before you get your nomination, you will receive a request for additional documents (mostly latest bank statement). All the best !
  3. i submitted my application on 10th Jan and its already 5months now...so u mean to say there is possibilty of them asking latest bank statement or other docs
  4. i submitted my application for Sinp but after submitting i realized that i only iploaded WES REPORT BUT didnt upload educational documents neither experience letters. as i could see that file column. i am worried alot, as i think better send these documents asap to Immigration emai
  5. How long does it take them to change status from received to in process ?
  6. u missed alot of documents to attach....i guess they will reject ur application...
  7. my application took 4months to change frm received to in process
  8. OMG.
  9. yes, often there is a flurry of activity in the sixth month. under normal circumstances it will not take longer than that. All the best !
  10. Did u send ur documents? What was SINP response on your application? Please I uploaded all docs but want to send them an update reference letter. My application status is in process now

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