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SINP - help required

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by shahza429, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. guys 30 min before I got an email of the receive application letter
    and now I check my SINP ee application status change to in process, and they send me an email with pdf asking to choose either OID or EE
    as on 7 June, i applied for OID first and later I got to know OID is two years process so this time I have applied for EE so that I can save time later.

    Below is the email from them
    The SINP application submitted on June 13, 2018, to the Express Entry (No Employment Offer) (File #######) category is undergoing a pre-screening review.
    During this review, it has been determined that on June 7, 2018, an Occupation In Demand (No Employment Offer) (File #######) category application was also submitted which is currently in process.
    This letter is to inform you that the SINP will process only one of these applications. You must clarify in writing which application you choose to proceed with. If we do not receive clarification from you within three business days, the application submitted first will be processed and the succeeding application(s) will be closed. Please be aware that once you have decided which file you would like to have processed the decision will be final.
    so anyone knows how they want my answer in writing

    What does this mean?? Email back or shall I write print sign n scan and sent back.
  2. It clearly states you need to write them back. Please do it ASAP and always go for EE. It will be done in 6 months unlike paper based which takes 19 months.
  3. just reply them. Your application is in process so fast? which NOC?
  4. Ok i will reply to the same email back now.

    yes that was the plan to go for EE .. cause after applying OID i got to know about this 19 months processing so i thought to go for EE.
  5. yes it is very fast even i cant believe it in 5 hours..

    cause SINP is usually slow take months..

    my NOC is 2175 web developer
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  6. Hi @shahza429 ,
    Did you reply back to their email immigration@gov.sk.ca ? OR you wrote and scanned with your signature and sent back to immigration@gov.sk.ca ? Please let me know how did you proceed. thanks in advance.
  7. Hi

    just reply back on below email address and they send you 1 automatic acknowledgment email

    and later they will send you withdraw letter.
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