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SINP-EE Jan_2018 Post Submission of Application

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by aJaypratap, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Those who all have submitted their respective application successfully in SINP -Jan 2018 openings can network here.
    SINP was opened on 1st Jan_2018 and again on 10th Jan_2018.

    Discussions and useful information can be shared about the SINP related as--

    - Successfully submitted the application, now what next step to do.?

    - Parallel applied for License (NOC which required the same) alongwith course-by-course WES report, wait for next update.

    - After submission, few people found some discrepancies in their documents or want to update more docs., what next step to be done.
    (As per the info, updated or new docs can be sent to SINP email : immigration.documents@gov.sk.ca
    and for any other queries can be sent to: immigration@gov.sk.ca
    with Application number mentioned in the mail-subject.)

    I submitted my application my Application on 10th Jan_2018 intake and got the Application number assigned.

  2. Dear Friends,
    I have one query regarding SNIP.

    My professional profile (1122) listed in the Occupation in Demand list, So I want to know can I apply SNIP without Express Entry created.

    Please suggest.

  3. SINP has two types (as we can call it now..) - OID and EE.
    For OID it doesn't ask for EE profile number., so u can go ahead without the EE profile.
    But for SINP-EE , Express Entry profile number, Job code .. etc are mandate.
  4. I applied for SINP on 10th Jan 2018 through EE sub category.
    Status on OASIS - Application received. (Also received confirmation letter in pdf form0.

    Anyone whose status has changed to 'IN PROCESS'
  5. Thanks Jaypratap.
    Actually I got CLB 5 in IELTS so I am not eligible for EE profile.

    Please sugguest what I can do in this situation.
  6. Hi.,
    mine is also.. APPLICATION RECEIVED till now. Submitted on 10th jan.
    As per other members info., usually it takes 15-20 days to change as - IN PROCESS. may be more.
    Have patience. :)
  7. Hi.,
    Try to increase ur score.
    as in EE minimum score required is 6. so even though u apply for OID and if it goes ahead then by CIC benchmarks-- min. 6 should be there in ur profile.
    So give one more try and increase ur score.
  8. Information and useful details collected from various other forums & threads:--

    1) Determine your eligibility by doing this CIC eligibility:

    2) Get your language test(s) done. You must get at least CLB 7 in each of the four sections for the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW), Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) or Canadian Experience Class (CEC) streams. But getting CLB 10 gives you maximum points for language.

    Conversion of score to CLB :-- That info is here --> http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/resources/tools/language/charts.asp

    3) Get your qualifications assessed by doing an Education Credential Assessment.
    Details here --> http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/skilled/assessment.asp

    4) Determine the code that best applies to you on the National Occupation Classification (NOC) list http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/skilled/noc.asp

    The occupation must be NOC 0, A, or B for FSW or CEC.

    5) When you have those in hand you create your express entry profile. http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/skilled/profile.asp and register for the Job Bank http://www.jobbank.gc.ca/home-eng.do?lang=eng
    As per the latest CIC news, now creating JOB bank is optional.
    But its good to have profile in JOB bank as well.

    You'll be given points based on your age, education, number of years work experience, and language skills. The points system is detailed here --> http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/express-entry/grid-crs.asp

    You'll be in a pool with thousands of other applicants http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/skilled/pool.asp

    Of course, the more points you have the better. The max is 1200, with 600 of those points coming from your ability to snag a PNP or a job offer with a very hard to get Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/work/employers/lmo-basics.asp

    For CEC applicants, the max is 600 but someone who has no work experience in Canada who is only eligible for FSW can only get up to 520 points.

    6) Finally, wait for your invitation to apply (ITA). But in the interim you will need to do the following:

    a) Have your application fee (C$550 each for principal applicant and spouse) and right of permanent resident fee (C$490 each for principal applicant and spouse) ready

    b) Identify how you will provide proof of funds http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/skilled/funds.asp

    c) check out what is required for the police certificates http://www.cic.gc.ca/English/information/security/police-cert/index.asp

    d) find out how long it takes to get a date for the medical exam. http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/medical/medexams-perm.asp

    e) contact previous and current employers about them providing job letters. You must have at least 12 months of full-time, or an equal amount in part-time, skilled work experience. Full-time work means at least 30 hours of paid work per week. Work experience while you were a full-time student does not count.

    f) research cities in the province(s) where you want to live.

    (Info collected from @YamPower post . Thanks mate. :))
  9. Lot of members are asking about the License related details for SINP licensure required:--

    For SINP Licence and specifically for I.S.P. there are multiple routes to obtain it. If you go to their website, they have tool to assess which route you can take. In my case I took education plus experience route. However first confirm this from them by sending them email at info@cips.ca. For the rest of the answers for your questions please see below.
    Code of Business Ethics certificate
    You need to get this certificate by passing the exam online. It will take half an hour max to pass the test. They specifically highlighted this exam part in yellow.

    1. As per your job duties (current and past), you have to decide in which BOK (book of Knowledge) list you are falling in. CIPS gives this list in application form. As per that you need to mention this thing in application form but for education plus experience route and established IT professionals route.

    2. WES evaluation should be course by course. Document by document they won't accept. For this if you have already completed WES in past than you just need to upgrade it to course by course. You can easily get this from WES website in your account. There will be some charges. Also make sure to send the copy of your wes report directly from wes to thier address written in application form. For this you have to add manual recipient in wes account.

    3. Demonstrate knowledge of code of business ethics, this is online test with few questions that you need to clear. They have provided the link as well and highlighted the same in yellow on their website. This certificate you get in half an hour which you need to attach while application for the I.S.P. They will provide the document as well to pass the test.

    4. CIPS membership can be obtain while filling the application form as they usually give that option too. So this will be covered once you fill the application form.

    5. You need to provide reference letter(s) from your client or employer who can comment on your competence and confirm your last 24 months work with them.

    6. Rest is explanatory about the application fees. They have given the link in which for particular Saskatchewan we have to pay mentioned amount with additional membership fee.

    Reference Letters --
    Please have at least one reference letter from your Manager or any higher level person who can comment on your competence and also your last 24 months job confirmation.

    Also they haven't mentioned anything about experience letters but for safer side provide the same for all the jobs you have been in. As we are mentioning in the application form for each year so it's good to provide the proofs.

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  10. I submitted my application on 10th Jan. For settlement funds section in one of the funds I have by mistake entered wrong amount in INR field... whereas the attached file shows the correct amount. Can this be a problem?
  11. If ur file has not moved to IN_PROCESS., atleast u can write a mail to SINP and confirm the situation.
    Better to have a reply from SINP side and correct it rather than waiting and then getting query from process officer.
  12. Updates from other members:--
    Profile submission - 1st /2nd Jan.. are moving to IN-PROCESS state slowly for lot of members.
    10th Jan., still not heard anyone with status changed.
    Waiting for others to confirm their status also.

    Thanx. :)
  13. Status changed to 'IN PROCESS' in case of only EE Applicants,
    No news from any OID applicants.
    How long does it take in case of OID compare to EE?

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