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SINP 2016 --- Preparation & FAQs

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by nickarter84, Nov 25, 2015.

  1. Will try right away. Thanks a million for the prompt reply!
  2. @ashuindian & others,

    If & whenever convenient for you, could you also take a look at the duties in my reference letter & see if they match with the NOC I selected - 1123?

    (from statcan website) NOC 1123: Specialists in advertising, marketing and public relations perform some or all of the following duties:
    • Assess characteristics of products or services to be promoted and advise on the advertising needs of an establishment
    • Advise clients on advertising or sales promotion strategies
    • Develop and implement advertising campaigns appropriate for print or electronic media
    • Gather, research and prepare communications material for internal and external audiences
    • Develop, implement and evaluate communications strategies and programs designed to inform clients, employees and the general public of initiatives and policies of businesses, governments and other organizations
    • Conduct public opinion and attitude surveys to identify the interests and concerns of key groups served by their organization
    • Prepare or oversee preparation of reports, briefs, bibliographies, speeches, presentations, Web sites and press releases
    • Develop and organize workshops, meetings, ceremonies and other events for publicity, fundraising and information purposes
    • Prepare and deliver educational and publicity programs and informational materials to increase awareness of museums, galleries and other tourist attractions
    • Initiate and maintain contact with the media
    • Arrange interviews and news conferences
    • Act as spokesperson for an organization and answer written and oral inquiries
    • Co-ordinate special publicity events and promotions for internal and external audiences
    • Assist in the preparation of brochures, reports, newsletters and other material
    • Represent and act as an agent for talented individuals or individuals with specific occupational expertise
    • Prepare or oversee preparation of sports, literary, performance or other contracts.

    Job Title: Sales Support Executive, Job Role: Promotions Coordinator – as given from Employer:
    • Developing communication concepts and planning effective implementation strategies by coordinating with partner agencies and cross functional teams
    • Initiating, reviewing and circulating promotion letters for various campaigns
    • Building and maintaining solid knowledge of current products and marketing initiatives, setting promotional sales objectives, and evaluating results
    • Designing, compiling and publishing internal daily and monthly e-newsletter on the company intra net, in addition to the printed version
    • Supporting channel sales by 360 degree trade marketing and communication programs
    • Planning, designing and managing trade marketing strategic projects: trade meet, outlet categorization project, mobile fairs, etc.
    • Preparing, compiling and monitoring all pre and post campaign reports
    • Designing and promoting strategies on how to expand promotional sales and clients
    • Establishing working knowledge of trade show exhibitions, printed promotions and electronic promotions and suggesting improvements
    • Partnering with sales, product and other internal departments to create and implement programs that meet agency and customer needs
    • Managing POS material for efficient management, handling and on-time reporting of POSM to all concerned departments
    • Complying with the organizational and legal code of conduct while developing promotional campaigns
    • Overseeing a team of employees, who aid in implementation of the trade marketing events
    • Developing and enhancing business relationships with clients, suppliers, and other strategic partners
    • Conducting market research for determining brand perceptions, understanding customer needs, evaluating market penetration, analyzing competitors.
    • Overseeing all promotional communications from the trade marketing side
    • Providing Regional Sales Officers with necessary logistics, POSM and other promotional communication to maximize promotional sales

    Note: POSM= point of sales materials.

    TIA for your time & cooperation guys!
  3. SINP - 2017 Login Expected to open for Saskatchewan

    when the Login is expected to open for SINP Saskatchewan.
  4. You can't apply for SINP EE OR OID with this NOC. This is not in their list of occupation in high demand of 21 occupation.

  5. Please, I'm waiting for SINP OID to open next quarter and I have three questions concerning the application process:

    1- Can I update Settlement Fund and work experience documents (each two weeks or each month for example) if I uploaded them in the online application form tool in my account? Or if I upload any document then I can not change or update it any more?

    2- What is the latest acceptable date of the prepared Settlement Fund documents (bank Statement) before SINP OID is opened? One week Or 6 weeks or one month or what?

    3- What is the latest acceptable date of the prepared Work Experience Certificate documents before SINP OID is opened? One month or 6 moths or what?


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