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SINP 2014 -TIMELINE Intl. Skilled worker with employment offer

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by yellowdea, May 13, 2014.

  1. To those who already submitted their complete application to SINP. Please share your timeline here. Thank you!
    my timeline

    Submitted March 28/14
    AOR : April 10/14 -IN PROCESS
  2. My friend,
    Did you send your complete application in their website electronically? and based on your timeline they didn't send any AOR until 10 April with an email stating they received your application?
    And about your application page inside their website, Was it "Application received" when you submitted your application and then on 10 April it changed to "In Process"?
  3. And Also the main topic for SINP 2014 applicants is located here:


    If you like then you can come and be with other friends there. ;)
  4. Yes submitted online. If I checked online the status has changed to in process .
  5. Hello,
    any 1 know about time required for SINP for skill worker with job offer.
  6. once you have your job offer approved you have six months to apply. But I am not sure if still six months but it will be on the job approval letter. It would be better to apply rght away once you have your job approval letter from SINP. You will never know when the threshold be completed.
  7. Dear friends, I need your help.
    I was in Regina, SK during March this year and have found two employers who really wish to hire me (I received two Job Offers and Job Contracts). The one wich I prefer has applied both for Job Approval Letter and LMO simultaneously. In order to help with getting Work Permit and further Immigration via SINP (depends on what will be faster). However he reseived very strange refusal letter from SINP:

    Re: Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)
    Job Approval Form
    Dear ....,
    We regret to inform you that your Job Approval Form under the Saskatchewan
    Immigrant Nominee Program for HVAC MECHANIC has been declined due to the
    following reason(s):
    Employer does not require position.
    Thank you for your interest in the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program.
    Taylor ...
    Employer Relations Officer

    Could anyone explain me what does it mean? And may it be the reason to refuse if employer applied for this letter by himself, knowing that he need this position?

  8. hey Alex,
    what s up buddy?
    i heard that they stop issuing LMO
  9. I apply sinp job approval for cook

    April 10 since I haven't received any update from them

    Pls help me regarding this issue
  10. I have submitted the SINP international skilled worker with job offer on Jun 6. There is still "application submitted"

  11. HI CIndy,

    Have you received confirmation letter from them yet? Once you received the confirmation it will change to ïn process".
  12. Hi everyone... i submitted my application mar.14, 2014.
  13. Yes. I did. the status changed into In process at the beginning of July.

    Do you have any ideas how long it takes to get the normination?

    Thank you,
  14. Hi Every One,

    Can anyone please help me the procedure to get job offer letter from Pakistan.
  15. hi guys
    i have applied in may 14 in skilled category
    status in process
    no response yet.

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