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Single Mom Seeking Accommodation Options

Discussion in 'Housing' started by Meheruna, Jun 2, 2018.

  1. [​IMG] https://imgur.com/a/2UpiFw9
    I had an weird approach while searching for good neighborhood in Toronto, that is to pick areas with a clusters of 2-3 yelllow/green schools. Those areas are guaranteed kid friendly, serious parents live there. It is assumed that those areas are expensive but you are not going to buy a house now, you are looking for a rental. It worked for me. As a single parent we often narrow down our search in cheapest areas (i.e. social welfare housing/high crime zone). I personally would manage to live on those areas but kids will have a wide spectrum of normalcy, like in no way I want my kid to think shop lifting/drug use is a fun thing and most people do it. This is a 'nice to have' thought but sharing with you anyway so that you do not compromise your living standards thinking of money matters. Community plays a great role on a single parented child, you need a good village to raise him. Right now you need an apartment with good connection, near your college and near a good school. This might be all I can share for now, you did a great job sorting all these singlehandedly! If you want to connect do PM me your no. I will leave on 14 June. Would love to connect you here and there. Also I am looking to enroll into colleges, maybe you could share me your experience.
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  2. Just want to point out that bringing your child while studying usually means that. your costs will be much higher so you need to plan for that. Childcare before or after school is not free. Childcare during holidays or summer also is expensive.
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  3. she most probably won't need it, since she is going to be a student , she can schedule her class around li'l one's schedule. BTW are you coming on a student visa?
  4. Many programs are full days and have no flexibility in course selection. She is taking a 1 or 2 year college program.
  5. Yes, I will come by student visa.
  6. Yes I am taking 1 year graduate certificate from Georgian college in Big Data Analytics. Not sure if my classes will take longer than my kid's school time which will last till 3PM every day.
  7. Thanks for your deep understanding Nadira. You are right that I wont compromise my living standard with my kids there. How do I find yello/green kid friendly area in Berrie? Thats super helpful idea. You are leaving on June 14 from BD? I am planning to start for CA by mid of August(if my visa gets accepted).


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