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Singapore Visa Office Thread

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Asia' started by Anelka, Aug 4, 2019.

  1. Anyone had previous experience with Singapore VO (waiting and their processing time) or currently has his/her an application pending initial review at Singapore VO?

    It would be really helpful if someone can share their experience because its really hard to determine how long their processing takes.
  2. Hey there, so I still am experiencing Singapore VO :)
    Here it is:
    AOR 14.08.2017
    Additional docs request 05.11.2018
    Docs sent 28.11.2019
    Med request 03.07.2019
    Meds done 04.07.2019
    RPRF paid 15.08.2019
  3. @aygz when was your application transferred to Singapore VO??
  4. Good luck with SGVO. SGVO has the reputation of being slow in terms of their processing - at least compared to Manila VO. Once transferred to SGVO, it will take you around 6 months before they request for your Passport.

    In hindsight, maybe MVO is just quicker in terms of processing applications that's why people think SGVO is slow.
  5. Wow! This is like 2 years timeline
  6. It was transferred one or two months after the first AOR (which office was that from I don't know) and at my request :( otherwise, it might have been dealt with somewhere else and maybe faster.
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    yeah, although it is still slightly out of the mean processing time for the type of application. Last time I checked it was 22 months.
  8. This is our timeline for family sponsorship (siblings)
    Sponsor Side
    1.Feb 23 - Family Sponsorship Application sent to CIC Canada
    2. Mar 7 - email received: Documents Received
    3. Mar 30 - email received : Processing
    4. April 30 - email received:
    1) Sponsorship approved
    2) documents will be forwarded to Sg CIC office

    Family being sponsored -2
    1. April 30 - email received : Biometrics Request
    2. May 7 - Biometrics Taken
    3. May 23 -
    1)we started processing your application
    2) background check in progress

    No news til' now.
  9. No medical request yet? I have received Bio, SA approval and file xfer email but not medical request yet
  10. Which type of application are u working on, spousal sponsorship?
  11. Nope, until now. When did you had your biometric done?

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