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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by maxvol, Nov 14, 2009.

  1. Good luck
  2. Ohh, okay well the doctor that did the medical exam for my wife said everything is fine in person. But I don't know if I should login to GC Keys because I have my lawyer as representative. And the website said if I login, I'll be removing my representative from the application. I know people says I don't need lawyer for this. But I really don't want to screw anything up communication wise. Is there away to get around this? I asked my lawyer and she said she doesn't have access to my GCKeys account either. So I am so confused with that.
  3. Seriously? You call your MP office I'm Canada? I contacted my MP from Ottawa. July 6, 2019 is my 10 months. March 12, 2019(AoR2, Mexico). I have appointment with my MP at 1PM tomorrow
  4. I can recommend to ask your lawyer if she is okay to allow you to link the application with your GC key. If not, ECAS is the way. As I said, ECAS does not show if medical has been passed or not, it just says they received medical results. GC Key shows passed comment.
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  5. Alright thank you again for that!
  6. 3 days left for 1 year, just received reply from SVO below, anyone same situation?

    Thank you for your enquiry to the Migration Section of the High Commission of Canada to Singapore.

    The status of your application has not changed since our last reply to you.

    An interview will be scheduled based on the date the application was received. Applications which require interview will fall outside normal processing standards. Once a date is scheduled, the applicant will receive an appointment/interview letter approximately four weeks before the interview date. Further instructions will be provided to applicants upon confirmation on the schedule.

    Applicants can check the status of their case on the IRCC website through their Online Account. Information on application processing times can be found here.

    Please note that repeated enquiries can contribute to delays in the processing of a file as the officer has to take time away from processing in order to respond to the enquiries.
  7. Hi, may I know did you received interview date?
  8. I have not received the interview date yet, and its been since Sept 2018.
  9. So Long, have you send any email to ask and is there any reply?
  10. Hello. I have noticed that most applicants being transferred in SGVO got a notice for interview. Anyone here who was not ask for an interview? TIA.
  11. Me, didn’t get any interview request. Allahamduliah Last month got Visa with COPR.
  12. they have the interview date in August. a group of my friends in early May already got the interview date.
  13. When did you submit your app?
  14. May I know when did you and your friends submitted the application?
  15. I submitted my application 22nd October 2018, received 29th October.
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