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SIN Number

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by VJRT, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. I have Canadian PR and I am planning to go to Canada and apply for SIN and get back to USA. I am working in USA on H1B visa. When I get SIN number should I pay tax to Canadian Government?

    Experts like PMM please advise
  2. HI

    Only if you earn money/interest in Canada do you pay taxes. If you are returning to the US you are probably not considered a resident for tax purposes.

  3. Thanks PMM. Even though I am an Indian citizen working in USA, can I apply for SIN number in Canada and return to USA? My wife and I are planning to immigrate to Canada in the next year or so. I need the SIN number because most recruiters want one even before they consider for interview.
  4. Hi

    Yes, but HRSDC will not mail it out of Canada.

  5. Thanks PMM once again. I will be giving my friends address in Canada who is a permanent resident and lives with his family. Is it considered legal to give his adress to get SIN?

    We are leaving to Canada in 3 days. Please advise!

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