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shud i continue with my immigration consultant?


Aug 31, 2007
i'm tempted to do away with my immig consultant. I had applied for skilled immig thru a consultant in may 2002 from delhi and have not heard from chc except for that acknowledgement and receipt.

i recently emailed the chc and promptly got a reply saying that i had apointed xyz as my consultant and hence they ( chc) would only correspond with them (consultant). I had cced the consultant and was promptly told that i should not have written directly etc.

I am getting the feeling that maybe i should go online and withdraw their status as legal reps and start communicating directy.
anY thoughts?


Champion Member
Apr 7, 2007
I think it would be a bad idea. If there's something wrong with your application that's causing a delay, you'll want to keep the representative so they can help you. That's why you hired them in the first place, right?

66 months @ 30% for Delhi

Assuming your AOR was May 2002, it's only been 63 months. You should probably hear something very soon.