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Short Stay Accomodation at Toronto

Discussion in 'Housing' started by jalams2000, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. some more info on accomodations:


    This is from a blog site from a new immigrant who has successfully come to Canada and shares his story.
  2. check out:


    ...for info about short stay accommodation in Toronto. Its mainly geared toward working holiday makers but a lot of other info may be helpful to anyone moving there.
  3. Any recent stays in safehomestay? any review?

    is the area safe to stay with family?
  4. It's a safe place I lived there with my family.
    The area is good as I live 10km away from the place.
    Thomas is good.
  5. Thanks soby for the information.

    Can you please let us know which of 2 locations of safehomestay is preferable.
  6. I would prefer Donmills it's just by the Fairview mall.
  7. great.. thanks..

    Trust job market for noc 1111 is worth trying :D
  8. We stayed at Safehomestay for a month and a half. It's a good place to live in while you're looking for a permanent home to stay at. We stayed at their Lockmere Terrace location. Carol, wife of Thomas, is very accommodating.
  9. Go To Kijiji.ca and there you will find lot of option for accommodation.


    "Hit like if this information helps"
  10. Is safehomestay still functional? i sent them an e-mail since Monday and no reply till now. Can anyone suggest any other cheap alternative?

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