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Short Stay Accomodation at Toronto

Discussion in 'Housing' started by jalams2000, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    I have received my PR visa and I am planning to land at Toronto by the end of March, 2010 with my family of three members. As I have no relative there and I have never been to Canada before I shall prefer a short stay to a hotel then long term accomodation. I have already checked with studio 6. But could not decide as they have only one hotel at Mississauga. I do not know whether it will be a suitable place for a newcomer to Canada. If you have any experienece about studio 6, please share with us. Alternatively, it will highly be appreciated if you could advise any alternative information about short term (like for a week)accomodation. Your feedback will really help me to take my decision in time.

    Thanks and regards.
  2. I will also land on 10 April 2010 and planning to stay at studio 6 as I have found it most suitable costwise and facility wise.

    But I am also looking for anything better.
  3. http://www.safehomestay.com/ is good too...
  4. Thanks qorax. It's really helpful.

  5. Safehome stay is really good. I was looking for this kind of motel who will also provide airport pick up. Thanks.
  6. Hi,
    Anyone who stayed in Safehomestay or Studio6. Please share your experience......

    With Regards.
  7. jalams2000, Please let us know where you stayed. This will help other people and people like us to decide.
  8. Good Short Stay Option

    Hi all,

    In the last couple of days I visited the following Short Stay options to check out for my friend's forthcoming landing:

    -Derry Guest House
    -Best Western Hotel
    -Holiday Inn Express

    All r similarly priced (little here-n-there), except the last 2 hotels.

    A. I'd suggest everyone to go for Motel6. It's way better organized, value for money than the others.
    B. In the Hotels, Holiday Inn Express is better than Best Western.
    C. Do not go to Derry Guest House, unless u must want to be in Downtown Toronto.
    D. SafeHomeStay is well managed by the Twin Elderly Couples. Its the Cheapest among all. -Not bad too.
    E. I've booked my friend for Motel6.

  9. Hi Qorax,
    Does Motel6 have kitchen facilities and airport pickup.......?

    With Regards
  10. Not a full Kitchen, but it's a Studio Type Independent Accom/Flat. There's a Microwave oven & a Stove. U can cook your fast foods.

    No Airport pick-up.

  11. Dear All members
    I am also looking for furnished appartment for 2 week in toronto, Scarborough area or around. Can someone guide me.
  12. I have landed with family on June 16th. Staying in safehomestay at Lockmere Terrace, North york. i have liked the place and have no hesitation to recommend to others.
  13. You can always check craiglist if there is any furnished apartment available in Scarborough
  14. babutv2000,

    How many days did u stay in safehomestay and what was the approximate cost

    Is the Kitchen there wichi is common for how many families

  15. Accomodations and Help for newcomers to Toronto

    If you are totally new to Toronto and don't have anyone there, then you will definitely need some help.
    Your 1st problem is suitable accommodation in the right area as landlords are not likely to
    give a lease without any credit history, references, or a stable job. Temporary housing is very expensive
    and a source of stress as 4-8 weeks is too little a time for you to understand a big city like Toronto.

    We provide a service that includes the following in the GTA Toronto Area:

    airport pickup
    arranging accommodation (shared or private)
    set up of essential utilities - heat, hydro (electricity), cable, net, phone etc.
    orientation to the city - transportation, best places to shop and save etc.
    banking, sin card, health card
    assistance with your resume and advice about finding a job

    If you are interested, please contact me via email with your requirements.

    al.mathen @ imcanvisa . com

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