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Sexual Harassment

Discussion in 'Housing' started by Mimb, Aug 19, 2019.

  1. How do I report an Indian man working in USA, living in bc canada for sexual harrassment.
    I am Canadian. .don't think am first..or be last female he sexually harrass. Like it to be part of his file. .
    His wife and daughter live with him. .I am not dressing or acting in anyway warrant. .am disabled. Waiting for medical procedure. Like Canada immigration to know..protect others. Doubt am first. .like to be last.
  2. Sorry this happened to you. I doubt immigration will do much about the matter, this seems to be more of a civil matter, which should go to the police.
  3. File a report with the police
  4. You should be contacting the police not immigration.
  5. Might. Becomes a he said she said. Trying to move and yet let authorities know. Concerned as crossed lots of boundaries easily. Doubt am first. Like to be last. Have had lovely experiences with others from India. Learned how to make black chana soup and have chai most nights. This is not I think a cultural thing. .is a predatory thing.
  6. His nationality (or yours) is completely irrelevant. If you feel that a crime has been committed, you go to the police. They will help you. A crime may or may not have been committed, but the police will give you guidance on how to deal with it, get you in touch with social services, etc.

    Immigration has nothing to do with this.
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