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Sept 2017 - Any PR Card renewal applications submitted

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by GoodMorningCanada, Sep 28, 2017.

  1. Hel
    Hello.. I'm a bit confused.. Can you send me the link?

    When I view the Client Application Status, it still says: Application Received.
  2. Finally got my card today. Application was received on February 26th and updated application with new photos was received on April 12th.
    Could never login anywhere to see what was going on, had to contact my MP for an update.

  3. Yes Client Application Status is the one I'm talking about, Don't use Ecaus
  4. Ok. Yes, in Client Application Status still say Application Received.

    It's weird because it says: We received your application for permanent resident card on July 30 2018.

    But according to Canadapost tracking, it was received on July 31.

    Anyway, should I send a follow up already?
  5. Hi

    I am on the april boat

    ecas We received your application for a permanent resident card on April 25, 2018
    106 days today ... in 2 hours 107 days
    On line processing time 100 days... I know it's an average.

    I called them today....
    The agent told me no additionnal document requested, my file is checked but not treated or in progress.

    She told me I have no chance to have news before september.... but one of my friend submited her file the 16th avril and she received her card 3 days ago. An other one the 10th and no news...

    When I listen the automatic update by phone. They indicate they presently treat files before 20th avril.

    I have a plane ticket for the 24th august.... I am supposed to leave for 10 days...

    Some advices?
  6. @Sev_ did u already received the AOR? Do you have a UCI number when you called?
  7. No AOR
    But my friend never received AOR.... and she has had her card.
    UCI number: is it the number XXXX-XXXX in my previous card? Yes they asked me this number when I called them.
  8. I see. Anyway, how many days will you be out of Canada? Maybe it will be enough to apply for PRTD. Else, fly to US and drive back to Canada from there.

    Btw, I just received the AOR just now. But I will still call them today since my application isnfor urgent processing.
  9. I called them today, the agent told me that the officer put a note last July 31 that my application for urgent processing was denied, says no proof. But I did not received any email that it was denied and I just received the AOR today.

    But then she also says that there was a notification in the file that the card was sent to production today. The agent was also confused on the contradicting notes on the file.

    In the Final Decision status, it says that they are still processing it. Is there a chance that the status is still processing because it is indeed for production already?
  10. Why your urgent request was rejected you guess?
  11. I called them again yesterday, by the end of the day. And the agent I've talked to, told me that the latest status was that the card was sent to production yesterday already. So, there were already 2 agents that I've talked to yesterday that told me the card was sent to production already.

    I will try to call them again today to follow up on the status.
  12. Hi. My application based on canadapost was delivered August 2nd. I also applied for urgent processing but no emails yet. Did you get AOR after you called or before? How many days after your application was received did you get the AOR?
  13. They received my applicatIon July 30th. But I only received my AOR Aug.9th. That is also the time they started processing my application, and apparently sent the card to production.

    Here is my timeline:
    1. We received your application for a permanent resident card on July 30, 2018.
    2. We sent you correspondence acknowledging receipt of your application(s) on August 9, 2018.
    3. We started processing your application on August 9, 2018.
  14. Thanks for replying. I will give some time and only call in a few days if I dont hear from them. Since you’ve called a few times, what do you suggest is the best time to call and what options to select?
  15. guys i need some help.Gonna apply to renew my PR card , was looking at checklist do i have to submit certified copies of my identity documents?
    i.e notary has to attest my copies? thanks in advance

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