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Sent my passport to CPC instead of CPP

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in North America' started by youna, Aug 9, 2017.

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm kinda freaking out coz i sent my passport to the CPC address:
    CPC – Ottawa
    P. O. Box 9640
    Ottawa, ON, K1G 6T2

    instead of the:

    CPP - Ottawa (e-application)
    P. O. Box 9640
    Ottawa, ON, K1G 6T2

    I know technically its the same address (well also the same P.O box) but what if my envelop with the passport gets sent to the office that goes through visa applications (paper applications) when actually my visa application (done online) was already approved and they just asked me to send it to get the stamp. I am also worried coz i have a trip coming up soon and I' wondering weather or not once they open the envelope are they gonna send it to the office that gives the stamps or not. Also since I sent it to the office that goes over visa applications, will it take them a lot of time to just open the envelope?
    By the way i sent it from canada.
    Is this a big deal or are they gonna realize that it was meant to be sent to the CPP when the CPC opens the envelop?
  2. Hey! Same kind of situation happened with me. How did you figure it out. I will a great help if you could let me know what happened next and what steps did you take? Thank you
  3. Hey, so it actually did not take more time to get processed, i received it not long after i sent it and i was able to catch my flight, coz its the same building so i assume when they open the mail and see that there is a passport with the confirmation letter from immigration that your application has been approved they know to send it to the office where they stamp it. I was really worried because they don't really have a number they only have an email address and they reply literally 5 years later. But thankfully everything went well, it ended up not being that big of a deal.
    Hope you get yours soon!! Good luck!
  4. Thank you for your reply. I have trying to contact them but not being able to. Actually my flight is on the 11th. I hope I get it before that. How much time did it take? Did you contact them? Hoping to get it by this week. Applied so many times but never did this kind of misktake. Very worried. Just sent it yesterday.

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