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Seneca college may intake

Discussion in 'International Students' started by 123kaur, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. Has anyone applied in Seneca college for may intake???
  2. Yes, I had applied in scenca on 11th October for may intake. But didn't receive any confirmation yet.
  3. For which course or program you have applied?
  4. I applied for early childhood education. Is there any chance of expecting offer letter from seneca?. I also wrote a mail to seneca, they replied its take more than 8 week to review your application. I don't know what to do? Please suggest something
  5. Yes Seneca college takes more than 8weeks. Keep mailing them I used to mail them many times. After 8 Weeks passed I did phone call at Seneca College. So I think after 8 week do a phone call at Seneca college

    What is your profile I mean your marks in class 10,12 And ielts band.
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  6. ok, today i will mail them.
    My profile is as:
    10th- 75
    12th- 72
    BA- 69
    Ielts - 6.5

    Have you received offer letter. For which course you had applied
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  7. Actually initially I applied for January intake but after 3 months when I phone called Seneca college they told me that my course is closed so I deferred my offer letter for may intake. Now I have got my offer letter.

    So I recommend you to phone call them.
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  8. Thanks a lot. I will call them.
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  9. OK
    You should call them after 10 o'clock in night as they respond after this time.
  10. Sure, I will call after 10 PM. I would like to know your Course and when did you get the offer letter (date)
  11. Chemical lab technician
  12. Be patient. I applied in Seneca for January intake last July and I got my LOA on the 24th of November. I deferred my course on May intake for I lack time to provide all the documents needed for applying my visa.
  13. I have also deferred my offer letter for may intake. In which course you have got admission.
  14. My course is International Business - Newnham Campus
  15. Okk

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