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Self-employed program: supporting documents


Jul 16, 2019
First of all, I'd like to thank everyone adminstering this forum. I'm a new member from Egypt, and can already see how much effort is going into it.

Secondly, I'm applying for the SE program, and have 3 queries (so far) I couldn't find answers to in the Help center and related websites/YT channels:

1. The guide and checklist only state attaching a "proof of education" = college degree certificate in English. Do I need to assess my educational credentials to earn their points and have my degree acknowledged?
(comparatively, the Express-Entry requirements clearly state the need to ECA via WES or other panels)

2. My national ID is in Arabic and a "certified copy" of it + accredited translations are required. How do I reach/search for a translation service and affidavit form that comply with CIC conditions? Do I contact the Canadian embassy for such service?

3. I'm Egyptian born in London, UK. I have two birth certificates: one issued from London and the other from Egypt. Which one to certify & include in my application? If I need to use the foreign one, do I contact the UK embassy to have it photocopied and certified?

Thank you very, very much.