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Self Employed Federal

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by Eos, Dec 11, 2017.

  1. Hi Friends , Anyone here applied under this category in Oct 2016 or around end of 2016 . ? Need to ask few things.
  2. I haven't but it takes a LOT of time for federal self employed scheme, nearly years. SO if you are expecting any quick replies from them, its of no use.
  3. Hiy, How you stated my friend that processing time is 35 month now??
  4. Iam falling in no other category . So hoping for the best as early as possible.
  5. I applied in october 2016. What you wanna know?
  6. after u apllied could u tell what happened next by time please step by step
  7. Hiy Friend , At what stage you are now as I also applied the same time but no news its 1 and half year now. Whats your status . Thanks to guide in adv,
  8. Me also waiting the same answer.
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    Hi there! We're an American couple who have applied under the professional farmer pathway specifically for Nova Scotia (but not provincially sponsored). Our application was submitted in October 2017 and we are now "in process," according to the status website. We applied through a law firm in Nova Scotia that does nothing but immigration, and they feel our application is strong because of our documented farming background and our ties to the province. Does anyone know if our application will be decided by the Sydney office itself? We're not sure what happens when a paper application is in process and assigned to an officer. Any ideas?
  10. No,it will be decided at the nearest embassy to you.
  12. Thank you very much!

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