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Self-employed experience & documentation issues


Jun 10, 2020
(Cross-posted from the 2018 thread for visibility.)

My application is still in progress. Specifically the "Eligibility" part is listed as in progress. I got our GCMS notes and they have two sections that alarm me.


Relevant experience: No
AND Intend and able to be self-employed: No

I have 20 years of experience in my field. And I have earned enough to support my family with my self-employement for several years. So do those "No" entries mean it's still in progress and that's just the default until they finish the review? Or would it be blank in that case, and they have for some reason settled on "No"?


Also, in the Applicant Information summary, it gives my occupation as "New Worker" and the NOC as "9914000" rather than the occupation I gave them.

Does anyone know what's up with that?


Also about my GCMS report. A case manager note from December 9, 2019, begins with "CASE ANALYST REVIEW OUTSTANDING DOCUMENTS (NOT REQUESTED)" and lists a number of things. Some of them appear to be supporting financial documents that the application said not to send unless they asked for them. The list in the note includes "business plan; contracts and invoices for a period of 2 years; US income tax returns."

Just a week ago I sent a note to IRCC asking whether they needed additional documentation, and they said no.

So it LOOKS like it's still just a matter of waiting until they decide whether they want to request those documents. Should I upload new documents proactively? Or wait for them to request them?

Any informed advice or context appreciated!