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Self employed (art and culture) from Croatia

Den Newcomer

Jun 11, 2015
Hello to all, I am soon sending my application for self employed class, only yet have to make fees payment, and have a problem that banks here says that they are not familiar with "bank draft" payment system and I have trouble to believe in that. Is there anybody on this forum (from Croatia if possible) to say what bank here did he/she used to make fees payment to CIC? By the way, I am running my own firm (marketing, design) for last 10 years, have a ton of experience, we are doing good job, so I believe my application will be well received. We are doing international, and my idea is to make business cooperation with as much people/firms from CA possible before me and my family come to Canada. And hopefully not to wait for too long. Thanks for all replies.


Jun 7, 2015
Hi dear!

I have a question that I'll be so greatful if you can help me with.

I'm a graphic designer with more than 10 years of experience. I worked in Iran for almost 6 years as a contract base and also freelance jobs for many companies and publishers.

I moved to Malaysia 2011 and since then I was working on my own with a lot of companies and publishers in Malaysia and also I has some clients from USA. I was able to make living here on my own without any contract and I have around 15000$ in my saving. but it's difficult to gather all the information from clients. they can check out my website and portfolio on behnace to see what I've done. but I'm not sure what else should I give them as prove of work experience? Also I'm not sure what I need to give them as prove of fund?

But, I'm not still sure what type of graphic designer will be consider as self employed? my plan is to move to Canada and do the same thing as I did here and in Iran. finding clients and work with them.

Can you give me any advice if you any information?

Thanks a lot!