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Self addressed prepaid envelope?

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by chyhill04, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. Hi guys. I got my passport request email a few days ago. I live in the US. My question is, can my Canadian husband mail my documents and the pre-paid return envelope from Canada and and write down his mailing address as the return address? The address we are supposed to mail it to is in Ottawa. Is this feasible?
  2. Hi,

    I received an email today informing me that my photo size is wrong and my package has been returned. My question is how did they return the package to you? Through the prepaid label, you provided before or just simply send back to the sender?

    Appreciate your help!
  3. is anyone able to send his/her passport to Ottawa for PR visa? I am not able to get the pre-paid self-addressed envelope from FedEx/UPS. They said they can't do it and I am trying using the online account and I am having an issue. Please let me know if somebody knows how did they send their passport to Ottawa.
  4. Hey, I am in the same situation. Did you get any solution to that? My case is, they are asking me to send it to a PO box address and hence neither UPS not FedEx is ready to deliver. Let me know if you already figured something out! Thanks in advance.
  5. You can use USPS to deliver to PO Box.
  6. So, I tried that, I thought I can get a prepaid envelope from fedex but fedex does not allow you to enter PO box address. so I can not get it from them. I checked with UPS, same response. I checked with USPS for self addressed prepaid envelope they denied! What do you think I should do next? Also thank you for your previous response!
  7. Your own address is not a PO Box right?
    For US to Canada, use USPS. For Canada to US use Fedex (you actually don't even need an envelope, just the prepaid label).


    I recommend the following. Instead of 'Select the fastest delivery service offered in your region', I recommend using Fedex ground. This option only shows up with Fedex Ship Manager Advanced and not the Lite version. It is much cheaper and takes about the same time (3 business days).
  8. I am instructed to send self-addressed shipping label along with its commercial invoice and a returning envelope from FedEx/UPS. And the delivery address is a PO BOX in Ottawa. Can I order a return label and envelope from FedEX? Then put them on USPS mail along with other documents (Photos, Annex A)?
  9. Yes, you can.
  10. Hello, i went to fedex also they refuse to create a return label with Po box,
    My question on the return label the from part what should i put there, they said i cannot put po box there
    Kindly help please
  11. I am also looking for the 'from' part information. Is it the address we send the passports to (365 Laurier Av. West) or something else?
  12. Yes i use the 365 laurier ave and received my passport back
  13. Thanks, I did the same. IRCC has received the passports yesterday. Hoping to get them back sometime next week
  14. Do anyone know how long on average passport are sent back ? Thanks

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