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Self addressed prepaid envelope?

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by chyhill04, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. Hello everyone! I got an email July 28th that stated the IRCC is almost done processing my PR application. They need a few more documents to finish the process. (A photo copy of my passport pages, 2 recent pictures, updated forms if need be and Annex A)

    It said the following on how to send said documents:

    · If you have a mailing address in the U.S.A.:

    - The Self-Addressed pre-paid envelope should be arranged with a courier that delivers between Canada and the U.S.A.

    - Submit all documents by mail in a single package and send to the following address:

    CPC – Ottawa – PR

    365 Laurier Avenue West

    Ottawa ON K1A 1L1

    My question is, I looked on USPS website, as well as Fedex and UPS, and am having a hard time finding exactly how to send a self addressed prepaid envelope, as I have never sent one before. Do I need to posses postage from Canada Post?

    Do I simply send two envelopes to the CPC office? I'm confused on how to do this and can't seem to figure it out! Hoping to hear back soon, since I only have 30 Days to send the documents! Thanks!
  2. Hi,

    I had to open a FedEx account to be able to get the self addressed envelope.
    When you send the requested documents, they'll include an extra envelope. Fill out this envelope and address it to yourself from CIC. Also include your account number so that CIC can charge your account when they send everything back. Please request a copy of the self-addressed paperwork as it has the tracking info that you can use to track the package back to the US.

    That was my experience.
  3. When I spoke to FedEx yesterday, they said they won't be able to send a prepaid envelope internationally as it needs to have a customs form attached before it is sent to the US. Could you please share a little more detail about what kind of account(Commercial or personal or was it simply an online account?) did you create? Did you request a pre-paid envelope from Canada to US when you were ordering the US to Canada documents envelope? I appreciate your time for this response.
  4. you have to open a fedex account. create a return shipment. it will have both return label and customs document.
  5. I created a personal account at the store.

    You will fill out the return customs form and include it in your package to Canada. Remember you will be filling it out as if CIC were filling it out. From them addressed to you.
    I found that not many FedEx employees know how to do this. It took me an hour that day until one employee showed up for her shift and saved the day. Just go directly to the store and tell them it can be done. It has been done.

  6. Hello!

    I also received an email on August 9th for me to send in my documents for the final processing of my Canadian PR application. Only 30days to send them also!

    However I am also having the same challenges with creating the Fedex shipment.
    Could you please assist with:
    - A description of what you did with getting your documents to them (particularly the customs documents part)
    - The steps to take to prepare the self-addressed prepaid envelope
    - Also, what phone number did you enter for the required recipient contact phone number? None of the IRCC emails I received have a contact phone number.

    Thank you in advance!
  7. I actually ended up going to UPS instead. They were far more helpful than FedEx. The guy at my local store was very nice and made sure I could send an envelope back to myself. He called UPS customer service TWICE to make sure all my stuff was okay.

    The gentleman at UPS helped. He just got my info for the outgoing address and put it on one envelope and the info for the incoming (back to me) address and put that on another envelope and put all my documents (including the self addressed envelope) in the first outgoing envelope.

    I paid for both of them.

    I used the phone number
    613 944 4000 on all my documents. That's for the IRCC office, but not a direct department of any kind I believe. I looked it up on countless government websites so I believe it should be right.

    It was a pretty penny to send out ($115 American dollars to send for both envelopes) but it was over night shipping seemed squared away.
    IRCC got it the very next day.

    I'm still waiting on my paperwork because I had to resend my visa pictures again because I sent the wrong size in the first time, (and this time I simply sent my pictures out through USPS. Bad idea - slow service) but, so far everything seems....okay. I'll let you all know how it goes if I receive any further contact from IRCC! Crossing my fingers still. I'm pushing the time line here!
  8. I used FedEx instead of UPS, because UPS said they wouldn't be able to generate a return label. I had to create a personal account on FedEx.com which included a credit card number. Once I had the personal account set up I was able to create a shipment label along with a return label. I did go into the store twice - once to weigh the documents and get the 2 FedEx envelopes AND once to send it.

    As for customs invoices, I was told I didn't need any because it was only documents worth less than $20.

    My documents reached Canada within 1 business day, and now I am waiting on the return paperwork.
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  9. Just to update everyone. I got my visa and am currently packing my stuff to move! UPS did a fine job and worked well for me. So I suggest everyone check them out if you can. And yes, UPS can make a return label to your address. It all just depends on who is willing to help you. Wishing everyone luck!
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  10. I just received the PPR emails. Received one on Oct 2nd which I lost and I told them to resend me - which I got yesterday Oct 13th.

    My confusion is on the first email the mailing address where the documents needs to be sent is Ottawa
    CPC – Ottawa – PR
    365 Laurier Avenue West
    Ottawa ON K1A 1L1

    In the last email, I am being told to send the documents to the visa application center in NY:

    Visa Application Centre – New York
    290 Madison Ave,2nd fl.
    (41st Street & 40th Street)
    New York, NY 10017

    Bit confused now as what I should do. Did anyone face a similar situation? any comment will be useful.

  11. Gosh I haven't been able to create a Fedex account.. they say i need to be a us resident in the case of Fedex US and in the case of Fedex Colombia they say it needs to be a commercial account... so I'm not sure what to do! Any ideas? Thanks so much in advance!

  12. I sent my Passport from USA to this address :

    CPC – Ottawa – PR
    365 Laurier Avenue West
    Ottawa ON K1A 1L1
    CPC – Ottawa – PR

    365 Laurier Avenue West
    Ottawa ON K1A 1L1
  13. What's your current location? Colombia or USA?
  14. Hi all,

    My husband recently sent the above docs and prepaid FedEx envelope to Ottawa.
    What was your experience in terms of time it took for Ottawa to respond with the PR card in the mail?

    Jenna & Scott

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