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Searching for Job in Quebec right after getting CSQ while your are overseas

Discussion in 'Quebec Immigration' started by gbakri, Mar 11, 2018.

  1. Hi Guys:),

    I would like to open this thread to hear your experience in searching for job right after getting the CSQ while your are overseas (no PR visa is granted yet).
    I understood, CSQ enables the employer from bringing some skilled worker to Quebec skipping (LMIA) complicated process, this benefits the applicant as well as by getting job offer, Federal process will be fast tracked.

    I started posting my resume on the Emploiquebec online placement, and indeed.com. I have the feeling that hunting a job in Quebec, for CSQ holder, looks like in every bit the impossible, especially for those who did not master the French Language (like me :()

    Please share your thoughts, experience, or any idea that might help us in our endeavors o_O

  2. I am also in the same situation. I would request some one who has experienced this situation before please help us......
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    Having a CSQ with no immigration status does not give you a privilege in QC job market. From a prospective employer's perspective, it is time and money consuming to bring you into Canada and getting a work permit while having an in-progress PR file is sometimes complicated. The LMIA rule mostly benefits CSQ holders who are already in Canada on a temporary permit. Also, even if you have a job offer or even work in QC, your federal process will not be streamlined. In fact, nothing can streamline the processing of the federal part of QSW program.

    Having lived in Montreal for a few years, I'd recommend you to plan to boost your French while you're waiting for your PR visa. Starting (or restarting) you career without a functional level of oral French is next to impossible for most fields (except some tech related and certain engineering jobs) and even if you find one, you will always be at disadvantage not speaking French.
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  4. Can’t agree with u more!
  5. Many thanks for your insight Phoenixation, although I am not in Quebec, but from what I read I think you are 100% right.

    I started the French lessons heavily, but I think you must be updated with the gov endeavors to help new comers to integrate, CSQ holder with job offer will be given priority as per emploiquebec website, not sure how serious is this though.

    I have always asked myself, why on earth Quebec is selecting this amount of workers if it is known they are near impossible to hunt jobs as per your point of view!!

  6. This post will give you more information about career prospects in Quebec.

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  7. Hat off Cherti

    This post is all I need to figure out what life is expected in Quebec

    Matter of fact, am project management profissional in T&IT
    With 10+ experience, I master the English and learning the French

    Do you think i might have ghost of chance in hunting a job?

    Thanks in deed for this insightful post
  8. Hi man, the phrase means I totally agree with him.
  9. I have been in the same situation, waiting for PR after getting CSQ outside Canada. Two employers approached me after registering at Emploiquebec online placement. After completing all the formalities I am fortunate to get the job offer from one of them, but that not helped my process to get on fast track. Even I requested to IRCC and then to MIDI but all in vain even my employer couldn't able to help me in this regard. So my experience about getting job during our PR in process doesn't help.
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  10. When did you get your CSQ ?
  11. in 2016
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