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Searching a friend to get letter for state nomination for Manitoba

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by masimshehzad, May 13, 2018.

  1. Dear All,

    1. Can anyone please advise me link where I can find information/criteria/merits to calculate my points and evaluate if I should apply for Manitoba?
    2. I checked from different sources that if anyone friend there give me a letter, my points for provincial nomination will increase. Can you please shed light on this on practical grounds?
    3. I have started contacting people living in Manitoba from different channels. I am requesting them their nomination/letter/recommendation. Which type of letter, I need from them. Can any one please advise

    Thanks in advance for your support
  2. Are you contacting your friends and acquaintances in Manitoba, or just random people you have never met in person?
  3. Random persons.

    Kindly advise in details.

  4. The MPNP application clearly states that you can only be supported by family members/relatives or close friends. Someone you have never met in person and was contacted online for the sole purpose of immigration is obviously not a close friend. This could constitute immigration fraud.

    Please stop contacting random people on the internet. Most people will say no, because why would they commit fraud for some stranger? And those who might say yes, they will probably ask for money, and will take advantage of you. You might even find the odd undercover immigration agent who will report you for immigration fraud. This is a very bad approach overall.

    If you want to learn more, don't ask people online, instead visit the only official source: https://www.immigratemanitoba.com/

    They have a phone number and an email address in case you wish to ask further questions or contact them directly.
  5. Also, many people get upset over hearing that it has to be a close friend, so I will explain it.

    The province wants to attract people who will actually settle here permanently, not people who will use the MPNP program as a gateway to Canada and then move to a more popular destination like Toronto or Vancouver. So, they nominate people who have a real bond to the province. People with very good friends or family members in Manitoba are more likely to stay in Manitoba, because their friends and family members will help them get established, find a job, connect with the community, etc.

    Some stranger you met on the internet is obviously not close to you and doesn't have a deep personal bond with you and your family, so (1) they won't host you until you find an apartment, they won't spend their personal time helping you settle in the community, etc. and (2) you won't feel bad leaving them behind and moving to Vancouver or Toronto, because they aren't someone close who you cherish.
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