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Sds visa

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Mounika puvvada, Jul 16, 2019.

  1. Hi I applied for visa on July 1 and biometrics are done on july 3in sds category however there is no update of medicals May I know when will it get updated did any of the July applicants get visa
  2. I applied online sds on 30th June and gave biometric on 5th July.... Nothing got updated yet.
  3. Hi Meenal
    Any update on your application pls ?
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  4. Yes few have got medical updated and some even visa request
  5. Nothing yet... Gc key is just like its frozen..
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  6. It’s very upsetting
  7. Same ihve applied on 26 th june or biometrics done on 3 July in sds category however I have not saw any update of medical till now. May I know when I will get any update??
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  8. No idea buddy... We all are in same boat... Clueless
  9. i submitted my biometric on 15th july.onlinr status is Background check is in progress.what does it mean?
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  10. Pls update dear
  11. same here bro....upfront medical given in may mid....biometric given on 15th juky...still no update
  12. Any update??
  13. Nothing
  14. is there anyone who know where our files are being processed India or Canada?

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