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Scotiabank - Funds transfer before landing

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by fmk8890, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. Hi!

    So I transferred funds on 3rd October & am desperately waiting for an acknowledgment from their side. I really do not want the funds to bounce back.

    Does anyone have experience with Scotia? Care to share?

  2. Why do you wait for the acknowledgment? Couldn't you check the balance in online banking?
  3. The transfer moved from my account on the same day but I need acknowledgment from canadian scotia bank. I haven’t landed yet.
  4. Took exactly 5 working days to receive my confirmation. All set to land now!!
  5. hey! I was thinking of doing this too. Is it risky? did u transfer it through their website itself? i see that they have an option to tranfer upto $50,000.
  6. Not risky, transferred through my bank account. They sent wire transfer address & instructions. Yes upto CAD 50,000/-
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  7. Hi, what did you mention in the Transit code? The one I received is 5 digit and my bank needs a 9 digit Transit code.
  8. My bank didnt require a transit code. I suggest you email scotia and ask for their transit code.
  9. Thanks
  10. I just had a chat with a Scotiabank representative and she told me that they do not accept online wire transfer. They only accept wire transfer done through your bank branch.
  11. My transfer was online and so was my husband’s.
  12. Yeah it was a bit odd that they said they won’t accept an online transfer because it would be considered a third party transfer even if it comes from an account in your name.
  13. Just realised I never updated here. So my husband and I sent online transfer to Scotiabank through the Start Right program. We had absolutely no problems in doing so. Once we landed we opened our accounts & were given the option to join our amounts together and place it in a savings account. I am really happy with Scotiabank’s services.
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  14. Thanks for the update Which country did you do the transfer from?
  15. Saudi Arabia

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