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Rural Northern Immigration Pilot

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by KIVANDI, Oct 7, 2019.

  1. Greetings,

    Have any of the 11 communities under the rural northern immigration pilot started accepting applications?
  2. Not yet. Some provinces will start on 1 November, but there are no details yet.
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  3. which are exactly some?
  4. The communities participating in the pilot are:

    • North Bay, ON
    • Sudbury, ON
    • Timmins, ON
    • Sault Ste. Marie, ON
    • Thunder Bay, ON
    • Brandon, MB
    • Altona/Rhineland, MB
    • Moose Jaw, SK
    • Claresholm, AB
    • Vernon, BC
    • West Kootenay (Trail, Castlegar, Rossland, Nelson), BC
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  5. sorry, let me ask again. which communities are accepting applications on Nov 1st?
  6. There is no such official information available from CIC or any of the communities saying they will accept applications starting Nov 1 however CIC does have fall listed as start for the pilot on their website.

    The only information posted by any of the communities is below:
  7. yes that's what I also thought I've read but Mustafa83 said something different.
  8. I would only believe official sources. And imo, it doesn't look like it will happen this year.
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  9. I just thought maybe I missed any info, but your are right
  10. Actually there is an official information. The provinces that will start accepting applicants from 1 November are:
    • Brandon
    • Greater Sudbury
    • Sault Ste. Maire
    • Manitoba Ltd. (Rhineland, Plum Coulee, Gretna, and Altona)
    • Thunder Bay
    So, I guess we will have more details in the next couple of weeks.

    More detailed information can be found here:
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  11. Thank you that's really helpful!
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    You are welcome.

    By the way I said provinces, but these are the communities that will accept invitations. And the good thing is that 3 of the said communities are located in Ontario province and are like 4-5 hours drive from major cities like Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal.

    So, if you get bored you can have a weekend road trip to one of those cities :)

    Brandon, MB is by the way the second largest city in the Manitoba province. So, I would not call those areas rural.

    The worrying thing for me is crime levels which are high in some of the above communities.
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  13. Thank you for the info
  14. I would be more interested in the communities outside of ON :) and the smaller cities, too much people is not my fav
    But you are right with the crime levels in some of them.....we will see, I am going to visit some of them in person and after that I will know more
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    My thoughts exactly. Upon doing some research on the 11 provinces I have narrowed it down to:
    • Brandon, MB
    • Vernon, BC
    • Claresholm, AB
    • Altona, MB
    • Timmins, ON
    • Sault Ste. Marie, ON
    But let's just wait what are the requirements. I just hope there would not be any NOC requirements, so that we can use our transferable skills to get a job there.

    As for the crime levels, I always use this website to check in more details.

    Sometimes, you need to check the detailed report.

    For instance Greater Sudbury is ranked 44th as the most criminal city in Canada. However, if you check the detailed report you will note that it is due to Canadian average figures. The city has a population of 165,000 people and the following crimes happened there in a year:
    • homicide - 1
    • assault - 578
    • robbery - 84
    • breaking & entering - 945

    So, you decide if the above figures are high or not.

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