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Rules for medical

Discussion in 'Health' started by PMittal, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. I am heart patient l by birth. I have no problem and no treatment carry on. So i want information if i apply for canada PR then will have a chance of refusal.
  2. You can apply for Permanent Resident status provided you meet applicable requirements that would depend on an immigration program you select.

    As for your health condition, you will need to pass a medical exam that is required of all PR applicants at a certain application stage. Once your results are submitted to IRCC, reviewing immigration officer will decide based on your results whether you pose potential threat to the public in Canada or if you may have an excessive demand on the Canadian healthcare system.

    If neither of that applies, then you will pass the exam and your application will continue to be processed. Since you've mentioned that you have no problem and do not require any treatment, you have a pretty good chance of passing the exam.

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