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Review required for proof of funds

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by goodthingstaketime, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. Hello,

    I received my AOR on 29th Jan 19 and my status according to gcms notes is review required for proof of funds.
    I credited around 17000 CAD in my account after I received an ITA from my local savings account. Do I have to submit an LOE for this?

    Both the bank accounts are mine and I did an RTGS transfer so the bank account statement displays my name.

    Please help!
  2. Please submit an LOE explaining the origin of the fund ASAP. You can produce bank statements from the account the money was transferred from showing this transfer. All the best.
  3. Yes, you should submit an LOE, if you had not done it earlier.
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  4. @
    goodthingstaketime ... any update on your application ? I am stuck in review required for proof of funds. I submitted bank letter for this which includes fixed deposits. I will re-send new letter from bank and also planning to send PF statement notarized.

    Any comments ?
  5. Review required on FD's is farely commons not an issue. The RR usually happens when the CA doesn't know about the FD and send's it to a higher officer for a final review, which is pretty normal.
  6. Yes. But, my application is pending with that officer from 6 months :( .

    I will send webform with new bank letter confirming availability of funds along with PF statement and see what happens
  7. Guys

    I have the exact same issue. But in the GCMS notes, the statement is "Review Required: Maturity Date on Fixed Deposits" I have these FDs since more than 2 years and they will mature on upcoming November (Less than 2 months)

    Note: Amount of FDs exceeds the minimum requirement significantly
  8. My deposits are in a sweep-in account so there is no maturity date and I can withdraw them immediately.

    Your situation is a little tricky as probably officer thought "the funds are not immediately available". Anyways, there is no harm in raising a web form and explain that they should be available in 2 months along with some statement.

    Problem here is that they don't communicate exact queries to us and we are in limbo. So, we don't know what can be done to clarify

  9. Thanks
    I raised a webfor, but only reconfirmed that the funds are readily available for liquidation upon my request. The bank said they can't give a letter stating that.
  10. You need to show that the funds are liquid because you will need the liquid funds to actually settle in Canada.
  11. I got the letter from Kotak (Indian Bank) after speaking with relationship manager. Apparently, lot of people asked for similar document earlier and they had a particular format which clearly states that funds are immediately available.

    I am not sure why any bank would not issue letter stating the same if the funds are liquid. Try moving the funds to different bank or at least tell them that you will close the account if a letter is not issued stating the facts.

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