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Returning to Canada & Status/Residency Obligations

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by VJRajan, Aug 7, 2019.

  1. Hello Everyone,

    My name is Vijay, and I'm currently living in New Zealand. My wife and myself we got our PR approved on Jan 2018 and did a soft landing on Feb 2018 and returned to NZ after a week. Also, it has been more than a year since we got our PR card's and we haven't returned to Canada yet. We're planning to move to Canada during June/July 2020.

    We would like to know if it will create any issues when we try to renew our PR cards in 2023 upon expiry.

    Thanks for your time!!!
  2. You need to live here for 730 days between Jan 2018 - Jan 2023. If you do that, you will have no trouble renewing your PR cards.
  3. Hi221Groose

    I think it is between Feb 2018 to Feb 2023. not Jan.

    What if for some reasons he is not able to make it between these dates ? I am in a similar situation.

    Can he stay after Feb 2023 to continue 730days and then Apply to Renew the PR ? And another 1 year and apply for citizenship?

  4. Yes, it's Feb. The date they landed and got the COPR signed.

    If you do not meet your RO, your PR can be revoked. So when you land in Canada after Feb 2023, the CBSA officer can begin the process of revoking your PR. If the officer is nice to you and doesn't start the process, you will then have to stay for two years and then apply to renew PR.

    CBSA has been getting a lot stricter with people who don't meet RO, so it is not a good idea to count on their benevolence. If you don't meet your RO, you should assume that you PR will be revoked.

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