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Returning PR(not reported for RO) looking to sponsor family

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by 6327farag, Dec 1, 2019 at 11:46 PM.

  1. I returned to Canada may 25th 2018 using a land border, I Entered with my wife who was activating an IEC visa and son who received a visitors record.

    I was open and honest with the CBSA officer about being a PR and that I had not met the RO(I entered using COPR and was asked about RO)
    I was one of the lucky ones and was waived through and not reported, my wife activated her IEC visa and we have been living happily in canada thus far.

    Now it is quickly approaching the time that I can now apply for a PR card renewal and also need to look at sponsoring my wife and son for PR.

    With previous trips to Canada in the past 5 years i will hit 730 days of physical presence April 8th 2020.

    My question(s) is
    1.should i apply for my PR card renewal before applying for sponsorship and have my wife and son apply for a visitors visa prior to them going out of status(we are from UK so Visa exempt)

    2. Apply for sponsorship once I have met RO without my PR card renewal,

    3. How much of a buffer should I give myself in regards to RO a few days? Weeks? Months?

    As a side note I'm not going to give any advice etc on what to do at the border while not meeting RO, it's completely individual to the person, different CBSA officers amount of time away from Canada etc so no point in asking.

    Answeres greatly appreciated!
  2. My view only and others can comment as well but you should maybe wait until you have at least around 800 days to renew to minimise any chance of a secondary review given applying April regardless of any previous days you will not have been back for 2 years ,so maybe June/July.

    Saying this given it is possible, nobody here can say for sure, that a comment may have been entered in the system when you entered May 2018 about failing RO so applying too early or borderline may get extra scrutiny. As said maybe speculation on my part only but better be safe.

    For spouse sponsorship you need to provide a photocopy of your PR card either a current one or an expired one. However the latter might highlight the fact that you are border line with the RO should you apply for PR too early.

    Having entered on an IEC that will of course expire May 24/25 2020 assuming the full 2 years for UK, so you will likely need to plan for your wife/son to apply to extend stay as visitors until you have at least fully met RO.

    Above my view only and others can comment but ultimately decision when to apply post April is of course yours but on face of it seems the timings are not quite lined up by some months next year.

    As for not sharing advice on entering having failed RO you are right every entry is unique although people still come on here and ask anyway. General advice given in response is to always answer questions asked honestly but not to volunteer any information if not asked.CBSA officers are human as well and how they process people can even be down to whether they are having a good or bad day at work and the attitude of the person in front of them
  3. Thanks for your input, it is appreciated! It relation to the dates not matching up, I have been in Canada previously within the last 5 year peroid thus april the 8th 2020 I will have 730 days in canada in the last 5 year period counting back from that date( as i beleive the 730 days does not need to be consecutive?)

    What proof will I require to show that I have been in Canada for this time? I didnt receive anything in my passport to say I entered Canada on this date.
  4. Leases, bills, itineraries to the US and how you got to Canada, you can ATIP your entry record from CBSA, etc.
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  5. Appreciated! Thanks

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