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Restoration of open work permit

Discussion in 'Canadian Labour Legislation' started by Kendz, May 28, 2013.

  1. Hi..i need insights please on what to do next if my application for restoration of open work permit is denied?

    My open work permit expired march 04,2013 and i missed it i applied for restoration april 05,2013 until now i havent received results yet from cic. My application for permanent residency has been approved and my family in the Philippines is currently in the process of completing the applocation kit/medical..i might get a refusal coz i had been working while my applocation is in process coz i thought im under implied status but which i just found out im Not..what am i going to do??

    I am currently living with a canadian citizen if i applied for common law with him will it help?
  2. What was the reason why you got a
    refusal?I had my work permit expired on February 18 2013.I applied for renewal on January 2013 online.On Feb 22, I recieved an email stating that I have been refused because I failed to submit a copy of valid travel document.And that I have to stop working and apply for a restoration of my status.I did not apply restoration,instead I sent a complain to the immigration on how faulty is their online application thing because I am very sure that I uploaded my the copy of my passport but for some reason they cannot view it(or maybe it's not really in there).but I made it clear to them that they should not refuse it right away,instead why don't they ask if I have a valid travel documents? Yesterday, I recieved an email from the CIC informing me that my working permit has been approved until Drcember02 2015..Wheeewww!!!that was a relief!!!All you need sometimes is a courage to complain on what is right.I am sharing you this experience of mine.I am hoping that your working permit will be restored soon.
  3. Thank u so much..

    I havent receive a refusal yet im just assuming they will refuse to renew it coz im still working while its still on restoration process irs been 2months already since i submitted my restoration application..

    If ever they refuse it i dnt know what to do. My family in the Philippines just received their notice that i
    Now eligible to apply for permanent residency and that they need to undergo their medical.

    Congratulations on ur new work permit
  4. Did you declare in your application that you were working?If so, I may be wrong but according to the immigration officer that I've talk to,they have the right you you to remove from Canada for breaking the immigration law.And as to your PR application, I've asked that too, I didn't get a clear answer to that from them.They told me that I just have to deal with it when it comes(if I will be refused for a restoration).You're really in a difficult position if you had admitted to the immigration that you're working while on restoration status.If I am in your situation,I will consult an immigration lawyer.
  5. If you stated in your restoration application that you are currently working,you will surely get a refusal.According to my friend(who's an immigration officer),If that happens, you voluntarily go home,So you will not have a problem in coming back here in Canada.I hope that everything will go well with you.I know that I am not have that much help from your problem here(I mean my opinion).Get a lawyer is the best option I think.Dont wait until it will be too late.
  6. No i didnt declare that im currently working..but they might be able to see it in my bank account if they try to look into it..

    Im just hoping and praying that things will work out fine..i jave worked so hard and waited for a long time for the approval of my permanent residency..

    Thank u again for the insights..

    Cant sleep and eat right coz of the worries..i missed the date of expiry coz all yhe while thinking its expiry is 2014..:(
  7. Thank u so much.ur opinion really helped and thank u so much for looking into it..:)
  8. You're welcome.I am depositing $ every week toy bank account since I got a letter for a restoration from them and they didn't look into it :) :).I hope that will make you feel better.The Immigration and the CRA are totally different agency.
  9. Thank u..it does made me feel better lol..

    Im glad there are people like you who doesnt mind using their time helping others and reassuring others :)

    I will update you on my case.. :)

    Are u a filipina by any chance?just asking coz joy parenno sounds like a filipino name..i am a
    Filipina used to be a caregiver so its hard work going to nothing if i get a refusal

  10. Hi there! I just want to have some updates from u guyz. Mine i applied for restoration and open work extension 2wiks after my papers expiration. Needs reply asap. Thank u very much
  11. How did you complain? Did you send thru email? What email address did you use then? Reply asap pls

  12. I just wanna ask you for any updates about ur application

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