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Restamping of Canadian Visa for lost Indian passport in Canada

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by vab_o1984, Oct 5, 2013.

  1. Hello All

    My Name is Vijayaraj and I am on work permit in Canada. Recently I have lost my Indian Passport which had a valid Canadian visa(TRV - multiple entry for almost 5 years). As the visa stamping was recent, I couldnot have the photocopy of it. However I have got my new passport from Indian consulate. How do I get the canadian visa restamped? Im totally confused with the CIC website.
    Documents that I have currently are :
    1) new Indian passport.
    2) Copy of Lost Indian passport.
    3) valid work permit(original)
    4) copy of visa(which expired on 12 july 2013)

    Is there any office here in Toronto so that I can go there and submit all the required documents and fees?
    Please let me know how do I go from here.
  2. hello,
    i have the same issue bro, i lost my Indian passport with valid Canadian visa and study permit in it. i applied for the passport but i don't know from where i can get the Canadian visa stamp and the study permit.
    please let me know if you haveany idea about this. you can contact me on 647-770-8143
  3. Hi aminbh,

    Sorry to hear about this.Im not sure about the study permit. But I got the TRV(temp resident visa) by contacting CPP team in Ottawa.
    They replied to me asking to send the details. Please send an email to CPP-CTP-OTTAWA-TRV-VRT@cic.gc.ca. Make sure you have the police report number before you contact them.Im pasting the email response that I got from them below

    Dear Applicant,

    We are sorry to hear about the loss of your passport. In order to re-issue a visa in your new passport, please send us the Police Incident Report confirming the loss of your passport; your new passport; the payment receipt for the replacement fee of $30; a pre-paid Xpresspost return envelope; and a copy of this e-mail.

    Mail to:
    CPP – Ottawa - (Re-issue)
    219 Laurier
    PO BOX 9780
    Ottawa, ON, K1A 1L1

    Thank you for your understanding.


    Thank you
  4. Some of them are sending me messages directly about how I got reissued by lost passport.
    Instead of replying it in private, I would better post it for benefit of others

    As soon as I realized that I lost my passport, I went to the nearest police station to lodge a report.
    Contact your neighbours to know which police station to visit. I was helped by the concierge of my building.
    Brief the situation to Police. They will document it and give the report number on a credit card sized paper.
    I asked them to give me 2-3 copies of it since I had to submit to Indian consulate and CPP(for visa) and one for my reference. Make a soft copy & save it in ur personal email inbox(like gmail).
    I am very thankful to Toronto Police for being very helpful in taking all the details.

    I went to the Indian Consulate(IC) on Bloor Street,Toronto. Initially I was assisted by the helpdesk lady with the forms that I need to fill.
    The form on the IC website for lost passport is not updated.SO please dont depend on it. I was asked to fill 3 copies of the form.

    Please carry the following
    1) Atleast 10 photos(i dont remember the exact num,I guess it was 6). Refer to IC of your city website for size details.
    2) your current address proof(like latest paid rental receipt).It is Mandatory as per IC.
    3) copy of your old passport.This is a must as per them(carry multiple with all the stamped). If you dont have,it will be a problem.
    I always had a soft copy of passport saved in my personal email.Im not sure of the procedure if you dont have a copy of it
    4) copy of your work permit(or study permit) and visa
    5) Notarization from a Barristor.I scheduled an appointment with nearest Barrister(Jeffrey A. Brown) and he charged approx 20CAD(with tax).
    He gave me a template to fill with the incident details.It was attested by his signature.
    6) Demand draft as per website. Before your visit bank for DD,please ask the guy at the passport issue section in Indian Consulate.
    7) a prepaid Envelope so that consulate can courier the passport.I bought it from shoppers drug mart which costed around 12CAD. You need to write your address on it. Ask the consulate on how to fill it.
    8) Better to have copies of Indian Voter id,pan card,driving licence.
    9) The Consulate needs to be sent a fax of the police report number directly from a police station. The Police headquarters(PHQ) charged me 38CAD Fee for it.
    I had an issue with this. The PHQ confirmed me that they sent the police report to the consulate. But the Consulate said that they haven't received it. There were a total of 4 visits(2 to PHQ and 2 back to Consulate). I was little frustrated at this time as I was taking break from my regular office hours. Finally at the third visit to consulate,It was confirmed by them that they received the fax from PHQ.

    After they received the fax,they started accepting the documents and form. They gave me a confirmation printed receipt. I again visited consulate after 2 weeks to know the status. They asked me to come after 2 weeks as it is not 30 day old application.
    I followed the instruction and visited after 2 weeks. I was confirmed that it has been processed and will be at my address within 2 weeks. I got the new passport on my Birthday. It was the best gift for that Birthday..!!

    The whole process took about 50 days. Some of the guys visiting consulate were not happy with the way they were working.
    Please be patient and answer all the questions asked by them in a polite manner.

    P.S : The prices quoted are of almost year n half back. Additionally Im not endorsing the Barrister. I happened to visit him
  5. vab_o1984 Thank you so much
  6. Have you got an affidavit in the prescribed proforma from any Notary public
  7. I have mentioned at point 5. He gave me the template which was duly filled by me.
  8. Hey vab_o1984, can you please tell me how long it took them to stamp your new passport?
  9. have a similar problem as the passport was lost, Can you please let me know which form is to be filled for the replacement of the student visa.
  10. Hi, I am an international student.
    My India Passport was lost, I got a new passport now but i need assistance in getting trv restamped, can you help please?
  11. Hi

    1. Follow the instructions here: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/visit/cpp-o-apply.asp I assume you are in Canada..
    2. If you are outside Canada, then you apply online for a new one. with an explanation that the old passport was lost and you should include a copy of the police report.
  12. This is for new trv... I just need to get restamped
  13. Hello sir I have a Canadian visitor visa but unforunly my Indian passport is damage with rain. Now I apply new passport and how can apply again visitor visa I have damage passport with me and have a stamp canadian visitor visa i need to again stamp visa for new passport. Please reply me
  14. Hi

    1. You apply for a new TRV with copies of the damaged passport and new passport and TRV and explanation
  15. Please tell me how to get my TRV restamped. I am ending no where. Please help

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