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residing in canada with my canadian husband

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by kattoosh, Nov 5, 2018.

  1. hi all

    i just moved to canada with my canadian husband and two kids ( both canadians).
    1- my husband is currently unemployed, can he apply for child benefits or any other benefits if he is planning to start my sponsorship application?
    2- can i apply for an open work permit under the skilled labour? my line of job is the top two jobs in the skilled labour table. it says you have to apply from outside canada and you get a two week processing time. how does this work? i have a multiple entry visa valid for almost 4 years.
    3- since we don't work we have money coming in from abroad to help with the living expenses, would this be qualified for tax?
    4- i opened a bank account, would i need to file for taxes if I'm on a visit visa?

    thank you
  2. 1) Yes - he can apply
    2) To qualify for an open work permit, you have to submit an inland spousal sponsorship application and include an open work permit application with the sponsorship package. The OWP will be approved approx. four months after the complete application package is received.
    3) You must declare worldwide income in you Canadian tax return when you file.
    4) If you make income from that account you may have to declare it in your Canadian tax return.
  3. 1- Yes. You will have to submit information about work wide income for the past year or two.
    2. No. The 2 week processing time is often not 2 weeks and is a closed work permit dependent on a high skilled job offer. You should be applying for inland spousal sponsorship with an OWP. It will take you around 4 months to get the work permit. You could have applied for spousal sponsorship while living outside Canada since your husband is a citizen.
  4. Thank you for your replies
    I read on canada.ca that I can apply for an open work permit if I am eligible for the global skilled program and I am. I’m planning to go to my country in December and the prerequisit is to apply from outside canada . Should I do that ? Instead of waiting months to submit a work permit with my sponsorship application ?
    If I do apply would I lose my visit visa ?
    I don’t work in my home country and I don’t have any legal obligations would I still need to do my taxes here ?
    Can I apply for a driving license on a visitor visa ?
    Thank you

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