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Request Letter_IMM5406_Info Req ASAP

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by mehaksoi, Aug 6, 2019.

  1. Hi Guys

    I got an update on my PR application asking for some additional information -

    It states like this :

    • UCI NO - My Name:
    • Additional Family Info IMM5406: A separate and newly completed Additional Family Information form (IMM5406) bearing original signatures This must be received at this office by: 2019/08/13
    Please note that the requested information/documents must be received within 7 days from the date of this correspondence. Please upload these documents to your MyCIC account. If we do not receive the information/documents within 7 days, your application will be assessed based on the information we have on file, meaning your application could be refused as incomplete. Please note that documents in a language other than English or French must be accompanied by English or French translations by certified translators. Please provide original documents when requested. Copies signed by notaries cannot be accepted.

    ***IMPORTANT***: You must inform this office immediately if any of the following changes apply to your situation:
    • Marriage or common-law union, divorce, annulment, legal separation;
    • Death of the sponsor, the principal applicant or any accompanying family member;
    • Birth or adoption of a child, including grandchildren born to dependent children;
    • You, the principal applicant, or any of your family members have been charged or convicted of a criminal offence in any country


    What I suppose to do with this ? I am really confuse what are they asking and why?

    Are they just referring to one Item which is some IMM5406 ?
  2. Yes they are just referring to IMM5406.
  3. Download the form from cic website,fill it up,ang upload it on your MyCIC account. I got thesame request letter, and I got landing interview after a month.

  4. Thanks

    My application is only for my PR. I am single & not married.
    Do I still need to fill information for my parents & siblings like Name, address, date of birth etc on the form?

    Can someone guide ?

    Also in terms of filling form in Native language which is HINDI for me , will writing only NAMES in Hindi will work ? Or we have to write whole form in Native language ?
  5. Hey don't worry calm down... i got the same request today..in the letter they must have given you link to open it... open it and its just a simple form requested for family info bro sis spouse and kids .. just fill it one in english .. and another one in english but only names in your own language...... if you have spouse ...Child age of 18 or above they need to fill their own .. if its EE file then submit online . They gave you option when you check your submitted file .. easy peasy

  6. Hey Thanks

    One Question - I am single ( No spouse , No Children ) , Do I need to put in Mother , Father & Sibling details or have to say "Not Applicable" ?
    My Application is only for My PR.
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    You have to fill parents and sibling(at bottom) . However for spouse and kids N/A .. type everything .. then print and sign
  8. Yes,please fill it up completely.Write Not Applicable when it applies. I'm not sure about translations though. Follow the instructions,I guess.Good luck
  9. Hi Meha,

    I got the same update today. I am just wondering whether you had a chance to submit this doc and receive a positive outcome for your PR?

  10. Hi Edwin, did you get your PPR?

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