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Request for early decision

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Deepanshu goyal, May 15, 2018.

  1. i have applied for visitor visa for my parents on 15th may.
    They have their US visa interview on 7th & 8th june.
    Kindly tell me the procedure where i can request for early decision.
    As it is an incentive tour so all the bookings are done starting from 22nd june.
    Please help.
  2. You've just applied!! No, it's way to early + it is quite inappropriate to request the visa office for any early decisions.

    In fact, there's no emergency travel situation for your parents. That's why the visa office will not consider any request for expedited decisions at least until the estimated processing time has passed.

    IRCC always recommends applying well ahead of the intended travel date and to consider any other exigencies where the passport would be required for other purposes.

    How have your parents applied? Online or paper submissions?
  3. They have applied through paper submission.
    Please suggest me some way.
    The time for processing it is showing is 24 days but i need passport till 7th june.
  4. There is no expedited processing. Either withdraw now and hope to get the passports back in time or wait for the app to be processed and hope to get the passports back in time.
  5. Does anybody get the visa before the quoted processing time ? Does it happen ?
  6. Rarely.
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    Your parents can send Case Specific Enquiries/ IRCC web forms + emails to the relevant visa office to request that their passports are returned for the US visa interview. Do include evidence.

    Your parents must specifically mention they are not withdrawing/cancelling their TRV applications.... and they will return the passports whenever the visa office requests.

    In case, they decide to withdraw their TRV applications like canuck_in_uk has suggested then you can also request for the visa fees to be refunded (processing has most probably not started and the visa fees can be refunded)

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