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replace visitor visa within Canada.

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by xiaotingyu1, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. Hi, my passport was stolen in Canada. My US and Canadian visitor visas are on the passport. How can I replace my Canadian visa in Canada? What should I do? Thank you.
  2. @Bryanna can help you on this i don't think you can get a visa replacement in canada
  3. Actually, I also have a case about using travel document to apply for a study permit if it is possible. Thank you
  4. Did you have a study permit? Or only a TRV?
  5. No, I came here as a visitor and finished a short-term course. I want to apply for a study permit, but my passport was stolen so I only can get the travel document for the Chinese consult.
  6. You must apply for a study permit to a visa office outside Canada.

    Basically, you must apply for a new TRV from scratch from outside Canada. Your best bet is to return to your country of residence and apply for a study permit from there
  7. Sorry. I don't have PR Card. I only have Visitor visa on the stolen passport. And the consult will issue me a travel document. I saw the checklist about extend statue as a student they require passport or travel document. Do you know who can use the travel document to apply?
  8. You are not a Canadian PR, and you cannot get a PR card. As a citizen of the People's Republic of China, you must apply for a new passport/travel document from your China embassy. Hope you have filed a police complaint for your stolen passport. Have you been issued a new passport/travel document?

    As for your study permit, you must apply for a study permit to a visa office that is outside Canada, preferably after you return home to your country of residence (China?)
  9. Hi, I know. But my program will start in Sep. I don't have time to go home from Canada to replace them. I finished the short course and got the letter of acceptance of college. from the checklist of study permit within Canada, the condition of passport there have two opinions, one is travel document. So I hope I can use it to apply study permit. Thank you
  10. A passport is a travel document if that's what you are asking.

    Your passport aside, you would want to complete the eligibility questionnaire again just to be sure that you have entered the correct parameters for your study permit
  11. yes, i eligible to apply for a study permit within Canada. However , I'm not sure can i use a travel document to instead my passport which was stolen.
  12. Again, a passport is a travel document. Not sure what is the problem here.

    When does your new travel document expire?
    It was issued by your Chinese embassy, right?
    And, the bio pages have your identification and details, right?
  13. yes. the Chinese consult only offer me a travel document which is a kind of passport, but it's limited just 2 years available. My visit expire date is Sep 2. I want to use this particular travel document to extend my statue as a student within Canada. Thank you.
  14. You cannot extend your status as a student simply because you were not issued a study permit in the first place. You were issued a visitor visa/TRV and you were granted visitor status when you arrived
  15. yes. I'm confusing because I saw the CIC said if I'm a Visitor want to study in Canada and apply for a study permit within Canada, I should extend my statue as a student. But I only not sure is my travel document can be a kind of my passport in my application. Thank you, my situation is too unique and complex, and I really need help.

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