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Rentry into Canada as PR



Dear Seniors,

I have a question. If I land in May 2017, I understand that the latest I need to come back to Canada is May 2020. I decide to come back in Nov 2019, which let me have around half year buffer time to get in and out Canada in the rolling 5 years before I renew my PR. I understand that would be fine and officer will let me in without any trouble. But will I have any problem between May 2020 to May 2022 if I go in and out Canada (using the half year buffer time)? How do the officer know I am meeting my RO? Do i need to carry some proof of documents everytime I get in Canada again within that 2 years?

Besides, If i come back in Nov 2019, when can be earliest I can renew my PR card? Or would it be wiser if i wait till completing 3 years straight and apply for citizenship?

Thanks and sorry for too many question.
If you come back in Nov 2019, you can travel freely until May 2022 PROVIDED your total time outside Canada does not total 6 months during this ENTIRE period.

You can renew your PR card when your first one expires. you can become a citizen after living for 3 years in a 5 year period.

The benefit of staying 3 years straight (a little travel here and there is ok as long as your are in RO compliance) is that you then don't have any more residency obligations and become a full-fledged Canadian.

You can of course renew your PR card when it expires (provided you meet the RO) and this won't affect any citizenship application.