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renew pr card then exit canada or renew from out of country?

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by babakgh, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. Hi

    I have 60 days left until PR card expire.

    I am out of Canada.

    1. Is it ok that i travel for few days to Canada; post forms from inside the country, and then exit Canada? What might go wrong?

    2. What happens if i post my forms while I am out of Canada?
  2. If/once your application is approved and the card is issued, you may be required to pick it up at an IRCC office in person. This could also involve bringing with you any paperwork or evidence requested by IRCC to sustain your claims of residency in Canada in the applicable 5-year period prior to your application.

    IRCC will not mail cards outside of Canada.

    Should you need to go pick a new card up in person and your current card is expired, you will have to request a PRTD to be able to board a commercial carrier (plane, train, bus, boat) to travel to Canada.

    I am not aware of any issue with mailing in your application from abroad, however, you can only be issued a PR Card in Canada. Perhaps others could weigh in on this part of your question.
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  3. You can only apply from within Canada as well. If you are at risk of meeting RO and have to return to pick up your card in person, you’ll face a residency review if you have to apply for a PRTD.
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  4. thank you, i still do not know what might goes wrong if apply from out of the country.
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    The possible issue might be in the questions on the renewal form which asks for your current residential address in Canada and also the addresses inside/outside Canada in last 5 years as well as travel history. So if your current residential address truthfully is outside Canada and you apply implying your residential address is inside Canada at the time you apply then maybe this could lead down the path of misrepresentation.

    It is not simply a case of flying in , dropping the application in the mail, then leaving again or mailing in from abroad, there is an expectation of residency so if going down this path better make sure all your dates stand up to scrutiny. This includes any IRCC access to anything including tax returns.In signing off the renewal form you are making a solemn declaration that all the information is truthful and complete.

    My view anyway of implications.
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