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Discussion in 'IELTS - CELPIP - TEF - TCF - Language Testing' started by RAMBO1503, May 22, 2017.

  1. And urs
  2. But few people received email.. right?
    How can they say that they never send email?
    do you know anyone whose result changed but didn’t receive email??
  3. 8 8 7.5 6.5
  4. Yeah .
    As many of the members of this forum said....I was also worried....but got a sigh of relief when got some positivity from idp office...but is still confused that what is the exact matter....we will come to know about this on 13th .....I don't have anybody known with the same issue....
  5. Yeah.. but I talked to two different persons..
    One said we never send email
    Other said if we need old trf then we send mail.. in ur case trf is not required
    What does this mean?
    I m worried
  6. So we still have some hope......
  7. Nothing at all.... Its all a waiting game
  8. Good luck
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  9. Hi,

    Gave IDP Richmond hill canada, computer based test on 1st September.
    Result LSRW= 8/7.5/8.5/6.5
    EOR for writing. (hoping to increase to a 7)
    This was my 5th attempt..

    Applied for EOR on 6th sep.

    Any idea how long it might take if test taken on computer and filed for EOR online?
  10. Same here.. I gave CBT IDP Richmond hill and got 6.5(academic). Submitted EOR on 6th Sept as well...
  11. Hey Rubina. I got my EOR today. No change in scores.
  12. Did u apply online?
  13. Online application for EOR is a new thing. IDP India has started online eor application since last July.
  14. Ok thanks
  15. You too :)

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