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Discussion in 'IELTS - CELPIP - TEF - TCF - Language Testing' started by RAMBO1503, May 22, 2017.

  1. Can you please share IDP EOR link
  2. Then it is safe to assume that EOR is still in process. if there is any change, it will be reflected on this site.
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  3. can the change be reflected before the new TRF is issued ? For example, if there is a change, scores will be published online once the original TRF is collected and revised TRF is delivered by mail?

    please can you advise
  4. People in this forum were able to see the updated score before getting their new TRF.
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  5. Thanks mate
  6. Results are UNCHANGED!
  7. First i received an email from my center metioninng the new state of my score and a link for refund. Today i received my trf
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  8. First i discussed the importance of money in leading a happy life style then in another paragraph i mentioned the other factors that without them being happy is meaningless even if you are rich
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    can you please tell me the time at which you received SMS, i mean is it in line with IDP time australia / UK ? or ur local time ?

    Usually the result sms for IDP is received at 8 AM dubai local time here
  10. Sorry to hear that. But why did they tell you to collect the TRF? Have you submitted the old one?
  11. hey any update on new TRF? i didn't get any msg yet regarding my new TRF dispatch form BC
  12. Congratulation ripul for ITA
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  13. Congrats Ripul
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