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Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by kumar, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. Hi,

    I have just become a member of this forum & I say hello to everyone in this community. I am relocating to canada.

    If any of you. who have already relocated would be kind enough to put your hand and help in this specific query, I would appreciate.

    WE as a couple have entered Canada & picked up our PR & SIN CARDS. My wife is the principal applicant in our case & she is joining me later.

    All the custom documents are in my wifes name & I am told that on your second trip, there are no customs duty on the cargo.But, the catch is only I am flying first. I just want to know whether any customs duty is payable as we had made a list of cargo to follow on our last trip. The basic problem is she is not accompanying me right now.I have sent the cargo already. I am landing in april.Whether an authorisation letter is enough to release the cargo, as the cargo to follow was in my wifes name, when we landed.

    If anybody could find this out for me from the canadian customs, I would be delighted to meet you personally, when I land there.Thsis is just to ensure that, I dont have any problems at the airport or while, clearing the cargo.

    Good day.MY email address is rsmani41@yahoo.com


  2. Hi

    1. An authorization from your wife is fine.


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