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Regarding SINP Asssesment

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by SULTHAN, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. Dear all

    recently I received ITA from SINP occupation on Demand (No employment offer)
    my NOC code 7201 , I did my Educational Assement Via ICAS,
    for My both Bachelor and Master Degree

    is this enough or Need to again for SINP assessment? I need to submit my whole document before dec-9

    if I need to do means, what form I need to fill Form 7 or Form 6a or Both?
    how long it will take to complete it?


  2. conatct me i am in same boat 00923464020194

  3. Yes, You need to fill-up both forms. I also submitted my documents to SATCC. Please do give us an update in your SATCC application.
  4. Hello there...pls help me about my problem in SINP, my deadline will be on dec 31 but my I still working with my early childhood cert, I am a bachelor degree of secondary education that’s why I enrolled 12 units in ECE. Can I submit my SINP application while working on my ECE cert? Thank you...
  5. whats up me mine is also 7201 +923464020194

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