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refused parents visitor visa

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by asiul06, Aug 31, 2018.

  1. I need help. I received this refusal letter from cic regarding my parents TRV. I'm not working but my husband has a full time job and I forwarded all the necessary documents that can prove we can provide for my parents stay here for 5 months and 3 weeks. We already booked the ticket. What is the best thing to do? My father only have $1600 and my mother have $600 in their bank. Should I include the amount of the land under their names for their assets and funds. They are both senior citizen and only depend on their SSS pension which is about $100 a month. They are from Philippines. Thank you.

    Following an examination of your application, I am not satisfied that you application meets the requirements of the Act and the Regulations for the reasons explained below. Please note that only the grounds that are checked off apply to the refusal of your application.

    x You have not satisfied me that you would leave Canada at the end of your stay as a temporary resident. In reaching this decision, I considered several factors, including:

    x Personal assets and financial status

    x I am not satisfied that you have sufficient funds, including income or assets, to carry out your stated purpose in going to Canada or to maintain yourself while in Canada and to effect your departure.

    x You have not provided sufficient documentation to support your / your host's income and assets.
  2. TRV are dependent on your parents' savings and their ties to their home country even if you will be paying for their visit. Also applying for the full 6 months on what seems to be their initial visit also wouldn't be recommended. Unfortunately it is not recommended to purchase plane tickets before you are approved for a visa. Do you qualify for a supervisa? That would be a better option because it is more dependent on your financial situation.
  3. Yeah, based on what you described about your parents’ situation in the Philippines, it’s hard for the visa officer to imagine why they should go back to the Philippines after 5 months in Canada. That is what you have to prove for a successful TRV application, but paid plane tickets do not count.

  4. My husband salary is more than enough for 6 persons as the low income $59,304 gross annual. But my friends said it’s easy the trv than the supervisa. My husband can’t wait to get a ticket as it’s cheaper than to get last minute. We want them before Christmas but unfortunately got refused. Any advise what the best thing to reapply? My husband said ticket can refund full but I really want them to visit. Thanks
  5. Sorry to hear this.
    What were the updates you received after submitting your application?Did it show background checks are on?
    Thank you
  6. Based on you posts, the chances of TRV approvals are slim to none. You may want to consider applying for super visas instead
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  7. Yes, you should have added details of all the assets they had. I think what went against the application was:
    1> The requested duration was 5 months and 3 weeks. Which makes Visa officer believe that the only reason you have put this duration is because the limit is 6 months, if the limit was more, you would have asked for more. It is advisable to keep first few trips shorter. May be few weeks to 2 months.
    2. Financial status - 1600$ for father and 600$ for mother are not really strong economical ties to home country. You have guessed it right already. You should have added details of the land they own and the current market valuation.

  8. No updates. After 11 days they just sent me an email stating in post above. The officer didn’t convince that they will leave before 6 months of stay. Personal assets and financial status. They only have small amount of money though they have property that I include in the application. And even us as a hosts says that we have not provided sufficient documents even though I submitted all our bank statement. We don’t have mortgage and my husband coe with his salary. Only $65k annually but not enough for the officer. In low income cut for 6 persons is less than $60k annually.

    I hope someone will give me advice / tips on how to pass trv for my parents. It’s frustrating

  9. I didn’t put the value of their property. All I put is their money in the bank. And yeah your right. I think staying for more than 5 months makes difference as my friend got approved. Her parents will stay for 40 days only. Any advice what to do for reapplying? Thanks

  10. Is that the only choice I can do? Any idea how many weeks or months for the super visa result and how strict the officer with that? Do we need to get their insurance right away? I read need to have $100k coverage for a year. Thanks
  11. Apply for super visas instead.

    BTW what is the purpose of their visit?

    1. Reapplying for TRVs with a drastic change in the length of their visit will raise a red flag.
    2. Their financial situation is weak. For TRVs, the focus is on the applicant's ability to afford the visit.
    3. Not sure how much the value of the land is. That said, if it's just land (not for agricultural or building purposes) then it isn't a tie as such to return to the Philippines
    4. Both your parents are retired + both would like to visit together = Reduced family ties in the Philippines
  12. You and your husband must prove you meet LICO for yourself + your husband + your children + your parents.

    Your parents must pass the super visa medicals. Yes, you must include super visa insurance of minimum CAD 100,000 for one year with their applications

  13. Just to vist Christmas and new year. And to meet my husband and son as they never meet personally yet plus to meet our unborn baby due in December. I did their itenerary visit that they will spend most of the time with my son. I’m not working so no reason for them to stay here.

    About the land

    1 where our house built
    2 vacant land only
    3 farm in the province but not too big the income
    4 they put on rent but since they didn’t register as business because they will pay tax and the rent is not too high.
  14. I would say lay low for sometime. Cancel their flight tickets and apply after some time. May be after 6 months to a year. Also in addition to how much your husband earns, it also matters how much you have in your bank accounts.

    I recently did TRV for my parents and my in-laws. They are all retired. Also, I am the only son, so I had to make sure we show sufficient proof of ties for my parents. On a high level, these are the documents I submitted, and their Visas were approved in around 10 days time. They have all made their trips successfully and went back.

    Their documents:
    >Passport and other ID.
    >Bank account statements
    >Notarized current market evaluation for the properties they own.
    >Return flight tickets.
    >Itinerary of what they were going to do in Canada.
    Our documents:
    >Passport and other ID.
    >Bank account statements and recent salary slips.

  15. Thanks. More complicated in their part as my mom is under maintenance for her high blood pressure.

    About the LICO I checked the qualifying salary and were in. Just need to add our other assets.

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