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Refusal of post graduation work permit

Discussion in 'Temporary Residence in Canada (Work, Study, Visit)' started by jelli, Oct 8, 2019.

  1. Hi,

    I'm an international student and I applied for my work permit after my studies. Unfortunately, I got refused as they missed one document which was my transcript and did not get it on time. I asked several people and even the immigration agents, they advised me to do a restoration status. However, my permit has been expired in June and doesn't have a visa right now and I'm stressing out!!!

    Did anyone has faced the same problem,did they re-apply and got their permit??? I'm stressing and scared of not having my work permit as I'm applying again...
    Any advice pleaaseee!!!!

  2. Restore,apply for PGWP.
    Don't forget it has to be done within 180 days of graduation date.

    Other members will advise you.
  3. Is it the same process at the PGWP and also will they be more strict?
  4. Same pgwp process. Once you get your status restored I would consider flagpoling (going to the border).
  5. What do you mean going to the border? How long does it take for them to restore my status?
  6. The border = The border between Canada and America
  7. going to the border = flagpoling.
  8. Can I still have my PGWP after 180 days?
  9. New
    No. Has 180 days passed already?
  10. Tuesday will be 180 days
  11. What I have seen people do is apply for both restoration & pgwp in one application, check if there is an advisor at school who can help you with how exactly its done or even a paid immigration lawyer. Remember application has to reach them before the 180 days so I think online is your only choice now. I have seen people do it on paper since its easier to submit multiple things at once that way.
  12. Paper might take time, won't make it before Tuesday.
  13. Yep thats why I said online is the only choice, its also a holiday on Monday.
  14. Unfortuntely I don't have enough t
    I'm doing online but unfortunately, I don't know how to submit the application form and the document, I'm so desperate:( pleaseee can someone help me!!!!
  15. Detailed steps in this video. Good luck!

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