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Refugees and Humanitarian-Protected Persons Abroad (IMM 6000) Forms

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by Emilelub, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. hi family, i need your help. i am feeling a generic application form for canada and under Education/Occupation detail there is a place where they ask my highest level of education and numbers of years in total. Should i include my university years ? but i am not done studying yet i am on my secong year, one year left.

    Another is List all adresses where you have lived since the age of 18 years or 10 years whichever is most recent, So for my current address where i live now do i have to write the date i moved in and Till now or i should write when the contract is ending ?

    I will appreciate your help.
    Thank you !!
  2. I think you meant to say "filling an application" instead of "feeling."
    If you studied 2 years, I think you should put total number of years: 2. Your highest level of education is then your university - 2nd year.
    For the address, I think you should write date moved in until today's date. Don't write about the future.

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