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Refugee Travel Document - Questions and Answers

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by rainbowbee, Feb 8, 2016.

  1. it good to submit the notice of seizure of passport or the photocopy that was given to you when your passport was taken from you so it does not delay the process , I submitted the certified photocopy of my passport and my refugee passport came out 1month later .
  2. please after your interview let us know what the question was like ,thank you and good luck on your interview .
  3. Hi. I just have a question. How long did it take you to get your RTD?
  4. 1 month
  5. Obviously when I crossed the border I didn’t notify the US authorities. Do I need to call USCIS or DHS to let them know the dates I left the country?
  6. Dude do you know if people with RTD from banned countries are allowed to apply for a US visa? Or they would still be subject to that rule?
  7. Banned countries receive US visas when using Canadian RTD's. I know many Yemenis, and libyans that received them.
    But they entered Canada with a visa, and left the US legally.
    When an individual crosses from the US to canada he/she is breaking regulation and immigration acts of the US. I believe there is a period of 5-10 years before they are allowed to receive visas if they crossed borders in such manner.
    Options are to go to an interview anyway, and perhaps on that day the US consulate is kind, but very low chance, or wait till citizenship i'm afraid/
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  8. As for notifying USCIS/DHS it will honestly just help their database, but won't really do much for you
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  9. where can I do the statutory declaration?
  10. Go to a notary office near you you can do it there . That where I did mine
  11. Thank you for your replay
    do I need to fill any form or bring any documents with me to the notary office?
  12. yes you do , you need the statutory declaration form printed out from the website and two form of identification you take it to the notary office ,just read instruction on the website .
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  13. 19 Days
  14. Hi, i have few questions. I sent my application today with express mail but because its weekend it will arrive Tuesday (June 25th). After i sent it, one of my references told me that he's gonna be traveling out of the country on July 11th so 15 days after my application is delivered, my question is when are the references usually contacted like how far in the process. And my next question is if they dont catch him, will i have to submit a new application from scratch or can i just provide another reference?
    Please if someone knows let me know asap. Thanks in advance
  15. Hi there, I have submitted my application in person last week, I have asked the officer who took my application about calling references. He said it’s rare to call but mostly they call guarantor sometimes. Plus if u have mentioned reference email, if they cannot find him in phone they generally email them. Or contract you with further action so noting to worry just relax. Process take about 4-6 weeks as you applied by post. In person take about 9 days but have to collect and if you want they to send you then 20 days. Remember working days. Good luck!

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