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Refugee claimant, husband left outside country

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by Hws24, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. Hi, i made it to canada, me and my 2 girls, but my husband is left outside canada and his life is in danger, when i applied refugee on feb 7, 2019, the immigration told me i cannot include my husband in my application because he is outside canada, please help me on how he can get here in canada to be safe and wait if he is accepted as a refugee, especially i knew hearing can take years to be assigned. I cannot make it with 2 children and he is in danger! Any advices are appreciated, my legal aid lawyer said it is not their problem, and that my husband should figure it out on his own. Thank you in advance.
  2. The only way he can come here is through applying for a TRV. However because you have claimed refugee status in Canada, the TRV is pretty much guaranteed to be refused. He won't be able to come to Canada until your refugee claim is accepted and your PR application has also been approved. Unfortunately this means it's most likely going to be several years before he can join you in Canada.

    He can certainly try applying for the TRV and see what happens.
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  3. Thank you for your reply, he already applied for a TRV before i come to canada and it was refused.
  4. Unfortunately that was his only option for coming here now.
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  5. Can u please tell how did u come to Canada and have been granted refugee claimant statis??
  6. I & the girls got accepted for TRV, we applied for it seperately not as a family so when my husband applied for himself it was rejected, once arrived we apllied for refugee
  7. Uneed to wait fr yr gearing nd decision after that u can sponsor your husband no other way!! Mind if i ask wch country are u from
  8. Let him try to get a visa to US and from there he can cross the border and claim protection since his life is in danger.
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  9. He will apply soon, just one question do they check with canadaian data if his wife and kids are on refugee, i mean do you have any idea if it will affect the decision
  10. Yes they share information so he will have difficulty getting visa.
  12. It won't hurt. Unfortunately the system is overwhelmed. I am sure you did your research before claiming asylum so you should have anticipated that you would likely be separated for numerous years.
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  13. Actually sir when we searched it said 60 days for hearing when we applied it was a different story, we applied on february and when i tried to link my application to my online account it said they have no information on us, does it mean that our file is not in the system yet?
  14. The 60 day waiting time for the hearing doesn't apply right now because of the volume of refugee cases. You should expect that you'll be waiting more than a year before your hearing is held.
  15. I understand this now, but the immigration site still says 60 days, and this what made do it without my husband, i had no other choice anyway, thank you for your replies

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