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Refugee claimant- expedited

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by FadyB, Apr 9, 2019.

  1. i am asking if anyone knows the average processing time for an asylum claim expedited process, the claim was submitted in June 2018 and i submitted all my supporting documents 2 months ago and still no news
  2. To hard to tell espcially since this new system is relatively new. Could be soon if you don't need a hearing.
  3. i'm supposed not to have a hearing as the country where i belong is included in the countries list eligible for expedited process with no hearing required but i was told by some persons that the average for similar cases is around 9 months which i already passed and i'm very worried because of this
  4. The info you submitted will determine whether you get a hearing or not. 9 months is approximate and on the faster side.
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  5. Many thx for your help
  6. U might hear something in coming month or days may be. Mine also got selected fr file review process nd our claim got accepted
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  7. Congratulations for your positive decision...... and many thx for your reply
  8. Hello everyone, my country is not on the list of countries that are considered for less complex cases. How however I was sent an email that my case would be treated under file review and asked to submit additional documents and sign the cert of readiness . Keeping my fingers crossed and hope it wud be approved.
  9. Good luck
  10. could please tell us about your time lines?
    and what supporting documents did you submit? as Im considered under the same process
  11. Claimed asylum im june, it got postponed till further notice , then Received letter to get selected for file review and got our decision on april 3rd
    Submitted documents regarding my identity, supported my business letter articles from newspapr regarding my story
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  12. Thanks when did uou got the letter that say your case been considered under file review?
  13. In January
  14. When did you get the letter that saying your case is considered under less complex cases?
  15. In January also

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