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Record of Employment - Hire Date/ Start Date for PR application

Apr 6, 2020

I am in the process of looking for an immigration lawyer but I wanted to post on this to see if I can get some insight while I work on getting the right counsel.

I applied for my PR in April 2020 and requested a letter from my current employer to vouch for my 1-year record with the company. They denied my request as I officially did not "start" until I completed my training on July 2019. My hire date was stated as April 2019 and I was paid from that point on as I began to do my training. is this a valid record within my application?

I am working against the clock as my work permit expires in September of this year. Has anybody encountered this issue with their ROEs and application? Hoping for even a slight charge of good news after a terrible oversight and a firm but quite unsympathetic response from my employer.

thank you